PhilHealth for Overseas Filipino Members

The PhilHealth is an agency of the government mandated to provide health insurance coverage to all Filipinos including those working overseas. Read more

Payment Options for PSA / NSO Certificate Delivery

Anyone who is planning to travel outside the Philippines most likely need to secure all the pertinent documents especially the birth and marriage certificates. It takes a lot of time getting copies of those documents from PSA. Read more

How Filipinos with Dual Citizenship Can Avail PhilHealth

The PhilHealth or the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation have announced the Circular No. 2017-0004 that aims to provide Universal Health Coverage to all Filipinos. Likewise, PhilHealth is also mandated to offer affordable, available, acceptable, and accessible health care services. Read more

What is the Importance of the SSS Annual Confirmation of Pensioners Program (ACOP)

The Annual Confirmation of Pensioners Program or ACOP is set by the Social Security Law to ensure that rightful payees will receive the benefits continuously. Read more

SSS Retirement Benefits – How to Apply and Qualify

Are you planning for your retirement? Whether you are employed or not, it’s important to think about the future especially your retirement. Read more

Guide and Details in Filing the PAG-IBIG Death Benefits Claims

The PAG-IBIG death benefits is one of the benefits that every PAG-IBIG member owes to receive. The beneficiaries can receive the benefits only if the deceased individual is still a member of the organization at the time of death. Read more

Guide on Passport Renewal in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the countries where huge number of OFWs are working. The good thing is that an OFW residing in Hong Kong can renew the passport without going home to the Philippines. The processing takes about a month, but OFWs are encouraged to apply eight months prior to the expiration of the passport. Read more

Need to Bring a Copy of Birth Certificates if You Renew your Passport

Are you a passport holder or planning to apply for a passport? Either ways, you should know about the updates of information in your passport. This is applicable particularly in the new e-passport in which the exact birth place is required. Read more

Beginner’s Guide in Choosing the Right Destination to Work Overseas

Do you have any plan to go to foreign lands and work as an OFW? People say that working overseas does not only promises good salary, but you can also have the chance to experience the life in a foreign land. But, is that a good idea? Read more

Extended Validity of Passports and Driver’s License

Recently, President Duterte signed the Republic Act No. 10928 that extends the validity of drivers’ licenses and passports. Read more

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