How to Obtain Family Visit Visa in Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Planning to visit a family member, a relative or a friend abroad?, you’ll be needing a type of visa called a Family Visit Visa. It doesn’t have a standard procedure of application though, it varies from country to country. Read more

How to Get Fast Approval for Your Home Loan

Planning to buy a house and lot requires a thorough decision making as it requires big amount of fund. The good thing is that there are home financing options that can help in buying your first home. Read more

How to Apply for Philippine Resident Visa

Any foreign national who wants to stay in the Philippines for good or permanently should apply for Philippine resident visa. But, it’s not easy to get this document because the applicant needs to comply with the necessary requirements.
Read more

Things to Do if You Lost Your ACR I-Card

The ACR I-Card is an important identification card of all foreign nationals who want to stay in the Philippines for over 59 days. This identification card is issued to all qualified individuals by the Bureau of Immigration through the Alien Registration Act of 1950. Read more

Guide on Passport Renewal in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the countries where huge number of OFWs are working. The good thing is that an OFW residing in Hong Kong can renew the passport without going home to the Philippines. The processing takes about a month, but OFWs are encouraged to apply eight months prior to the expiration of the passport. Read more

How Can Members Can Withdraw Contributions from PAG-IBIG Fund

The money that every member of PAG-IBIG Fund is paying serves as a saving for the future. That’s why the organization assured to its members that they can withdraw their accumulated contributions including the counterpart contribution of the employer and the dividend earnings. Read more

Important Tips to Avoid Being a Victim of Cyber Crimes

Now a days people are easily tempted by those sweet words of scammers or illegal recruiters. Yes, scammers and illegal recruiters are everywhere using the latest technology you can be a quick victim. Promising good things that makes you feel comfortable and gives you financial freedom is their expertise. So don’t fall on sweet talks, expensive gadgets and lots of money. Avoid being a victim, so here are the tips and guide that will help you to spot and avoid those scammers online. Read more

Tips on How to Pass the Civil Service Exam Successfully

If you’re planning to find a job in the government, you must be eligible and pass the Civil Service examination. There are two levels of examination such as Professional and Sub-professional. Read more

How to Start and Earn from Rental Property Business

Most financial experts recommend to own assets that earn income. This makes sense investing in real estate such as purchasing properties that can be rented out. This is the easiest way to generate consistent income. Read more

Steps on How to Look for Overseas Jobs at POEA website

How to Know if the Overseas Job Offer is Credible

The internet is the perfect venue to look for jobs abroad. Many Filipinos want to obtain better employment opportunities for their families and personal growth as well. Read more

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