New Guidelines for SSS Pensioners No Longer Needed ACOP

Almost 2.3 million SSS pensioners can receive their monthly pensions continuously even without complying with the annual confirmation of pensioners program or ACOP. Read more

Friday the 13th: Is it an Unlucky Day

Many people think that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. Is it true or just a puff?

Do you believe that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day? What if it you were born or one of your loved one was born on that day, would you consider it unlucky? Read more

Paid Leaves for OFW in Taiwan Has Been Granted

Good news for migrant workers in Taiwan especially for our ‘kababayans’ there!

Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor has approved a new regulation, which grants migrant workers (including OFWs) of paid leave, yup, you’ve heard it right, (paid) leave, atleast for migrant workers who works in Taiwan for (more than) a year. Read more

What Employed Mothers Need To Know About the Extended Maternity Leave

With the Senate approval of the Expanded Maternity Leave Act of 2017 (also known as Senate Bill 1305), some mothers and would-be mothers have felt excited about the idea of enjoying longer time away from the workplace to take care of their babies and to recover from childbirth. Read more

Know Your Rights: OFWs Must Keep Their Own Passports

If you are currently employed (or are hoping to get employed abroad soon) as an overseas Filipino worker (OFW), you should be aware not only about the customs and traditions in your host country but also about your rights as an employee. Read more

Importance of Having a Pre-Nuptial Agreement Before Getting Married

For many, tying the knot is not only a special occasion but a significant milestone in life. In the Philippines, engaged couples usually sit down with their parents not only to discuss preparations for the big day but also to talk about how they will live as a married couple such as where they will live, etc. Read more

List of 61 Visa FREE Countries for Philippine Passport Holders

Want to tour outside the country without the hassle of getting a visa? Actually, yes, that is very much possible. Read more

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In The Philippines, According To DOLE

A new survey data released by the government has revealed the top-paying jobs in the country. According to the said survey, pilots, flight engineers, and geologists are the highest paid workers in the Philippines. Read more

How To Apply For A Building Permit In The Philippines

Before constructing a building, a house, or any establishment, it is important that you secure a building permit. If you don’t, the municipal or city government has the power to stop the construction. Read more

Canada Wants Filipino Students For Their Stay and Study Program In Nova Scotia

Canada is opening a Study and Stay Program in Nova Scotia and they are inviting interested students to sign up. According to reports, students from the Philippines, as well as China and India, are particularly mentioned in the program. Read more

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