NAIA Employees Playing Candy Crush At Work

Playing Candy Crush at Work 
     Two of alleged NAIA employees are now in the hot sit as they caught by public playing computer games at the time of their work. Concern citizen took a picture on them and they don’t even bother on what they;re doing while in line of work. As you can see in the picture below one of them is playing viral facebook game Candy Crush. Now let see what action will be taken on them by NAIA officials.
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Visayas Region Getting Shocked By 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake

   Early this morning  today Visayas region are getting shocked by 7.2 magnitude earthquake which causes lot of damage in the said area. Phivolcs said the quake occurred at 8:12 a.m., with the epicenter at 2 kilometers southeast of Carmen in Bohol. Let us give a heartful prayers to all our kababayans in central visayas and let us hope that theres in no after shocks will occur.

    It said also that Bohol was last hit in a powerful earthquake in 1999 with several buildings are collapsed and get more damage in property. And the news reported that some of old churches in the region gets a furious damaged. Churches include the following Locboc Church, Baclayon Church, Dauis Church, Loon Church and Sto. Niño de Basilica those were old churches and one of the tourist attraction to its respective places. Read more

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