Stupid Things Many People Do After Breakup

Going through breakup isn’t an easy thing as it makes your brain out of track. There’s always the possibility to do things you never mind doing it. But, it may be a normal thing because most people coping with breakup may likely do the same stupid things. Read more

PhilHealth for Overseas Filipino Members


The PhilHealth is an agency of the government mandated to provide health insurance coverage to all Filipinos including those working overseas. Read more

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Friday the 13th: Is it an Unlucky Day


Many people think that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. Is it true or just a puff?

Do you believe that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day? What if it you were born or one of your loved one was born on that day, would you consider it unlucky? Read more

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How Can Get Life Insurance If a Person Has a Medical Condition?


Do you know when is the right time to get a life insurance?

Getting a life insurance is one way to prepare for the future. But, not all of us can afford to get a life insurance. This is the reason why even if it’s essential to get life insurance, still many people don’t have one.
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How to Get Fast Approval for Your Home Loan


Planning to buy a house and lot requires a thorough decision making as it requires big amount of fund. The good thing is that there are home financing options that can help in buying your first home. Read more

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Enchanted Kingdom Ticket Price Weekend and Holiday Rates


Once again BER months is here, time flies so fast, people are now looking to ride in different amusement parks. The Enchanted Kingdom Theme Park is the most popular amusement park here in Philippines that is why lots of Filipino are looking to reserve and buy a ticket. Just incase you didn’t know, here is the list of Enchanted Kingdom Ticket price including weekend and holiday rates. Read more

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Complete Guide and Details in Renewing a Permanent ACR I-Card


Just like in any other countries, all immigrants either Filipinos working abroad or foreign, going or returning to the Philippines are required to obtain an ACR I-Card. This is important especially for those individuals who will stay in the country for over 59 days. Read more

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How to Apply for Philippine Resident Visa


Any foreign national who wants to stay in the Philippines for good or permanently should apply for Philippine resident visa. But, it’s not easy to get this document because the applicant needs to comply with the necessary requirements.
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Things to Do if You Lost Your ACR I-Card


The ACR I-Card is an important identification card of all foreign nationals who want to stay in the Philippines for over 59 days. This identification card is issued to all qualified individuals by the Bureau of Immigration through the Alien Registration Act of 1950. Read more

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Payment Options for PSA / NSO Certificate Delivery


Anyone who is planning to travel outside the Philippines most likely need to secure all the pertinent documents especially the birth and marriage certificates. It takes a lot of time getting copies of those documents from PSA. Read more

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