New Guidelines for SSS Pensioners No Longer Needed ACOP

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Almost 2.3 million SSS pensioners can receive their monthly pensions continuously even without complying with the annual confirmation of pensioners program or ACOP.What-is-the-Importance-of-the-SSS-Annual-Confirmation-of-Pensioners-Program-(ACOP)


According to Emmanuel Dooc, the SSS president and CEO, the pensioners will take advantage the removal of ACOP compliance, but this is only for those retiree pensioners living in the Philippines. This means that they are no longer required to report at any SSS branch for the ACOP on their birth month. Instead, the SSS will strengthen their verification procedures to know if the pensioner is still alive.

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On the other hand, all SSS retirees living outside the country, survivor pensioners, with total disability, and dependent children (along with their guardians) must still comply with ACOP. According to the SSS Circular No.2017-012, total disability pensioners and those residing abroad must report on their birth month. While those survivor pensioners should report on the birth months of the deceased member, the same with the incapacitated dependent and minor pensioners.

It is cited in the Circular that those who are required to comply can report six months prior to the schedule provided that the pensioners diligently complied with the program on the previous year.

In addition, SSS employees will implement home visit to retiree pensioners 85 years old and above and living in the Philippines, but are not able to report personally due to illness, injury, or sickness. SSS doctors or medical field worker will visit those total disability pensioners.

To avoid suspension of pensions, the SSS reiterated to its pensioners to comply with ACOP otherwise, their monthly pension will be automatically suspended immediately after the birth month of the pensioner. But, there’s nothing to worry about because all the recalled and accrued pensions will be remitted to the depository bank of the pensioner.

For further details, SSS retiree pensioners should visit the nearest SSS branch.

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