Things to Do if You Lost Your ACR I-Card

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The ACR I-Card is an important identification card of all foreign nationals who want to stay in the Philippines for over 59 days. This identification card is issued to all qualified individuals by the Bureau of Immigration through the Alien Registration Act of 1950.

The process of acquiring the ACR I-Card is a bit tedious and relatively straightforward and done along with the Philippine resident visa application. But, what if you have lost your ACR I-Card?

Who can apply for re-issuance of ACR I-Card?

All foreign nationals who are currently holding an ACR I-Card can apply for re –issuance in case of lost card, damaged card, amendments, and rejected cards.

Applicants may apply directly to the Bureau of Immigration main office or other Immigration Offices authorized to process the transaction.

The applicant should bring all the necessary documentary requirements.

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How to Apply for re-issuance of ACR-I Card ?

If you’re planning to apply for re-issuance of ACR I-Card, you must follow the steps listed below:

  1. Fill out the application and complete the required documents
  2. Check for any derogatory record
  3. Get an OPS or the Order of Payment Slip
  4. Pay the processing fees and submit a copy of the official receipt
  5. Present the claim stub and the required identification card once the card is ready for issuance

How much does it cost?

The cost of re-issuance of lost ACR I-Card is different from other transactions. The I-Card fee would cost you $20 and the Express fee is Php1,000.00. However, the fees may change without prior notice.

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