How to Apply For an ACR-I Card in The Philippines

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If you are a foreigner in the Philippines and you are wondering how to obtain an alien certificate registration or more commonly known as ACT Identity card (ACR I-card), then you should read on.

To begin with, an ACR-I card is the replacement for the ACR issued to registered aliens. This new card is microchip-based and is credit card-sized. It also features the biometric information of its owner. The ACR I-Card serves as the Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC), Re-entry Permit (RP) and Special Return Certificate (SRC) of the holder after paying the required fees.

If you are a foreign national using a Temporary Visitor’s Visa or a Tourist Visa  and you’ve stayed in the country for over 59 days, you will need to get an ACR-I card.

Applying for an ACR-I Card

So how do you get one?

First, you should go to the Bureau of Immigration main office or in other immigration offices and submit the following requirements:

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  • A completed application form
  • A certified true copy issued by the Records Section of the Board of Commissioners (BOC)’s Order granting the visa (for internal verification purposes)
  • A certified true copy issued by the Records Section of the Commissioner’s Order of Approval granting the Student
  • Your visa (for internal verification purposes)
  • Photocopy of passport bio-page and passport pages bearing valid visa implementation and latest admission with authorized stay
  • Photocopy of official receipt(s) of payment for applicable fees
  • Two (2) pieces of 2×2 photograph of the applicant with white background and must be taken within the last three (3) months from the date of application.

You can expect to pay about $50.00 for your ACR-I card application.

Renewing an ACR-I Card

Now there are several reasons why you might need to renew your ACR-I card. For example, you may have reached the expiration of your card (it is valid for only 1 year). You may also need to re-register upon reaching the age of 14 or you need to change your visa status.

The same requirements and fees apply as in the application process mentioned above.

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