Things to Know About OFW Medical Examinations

OFW Medical Examinations! Yes, we all know the joy (and thrill) of signing a job contract to work abroad, those daydreams of ours is a bit closer to the reality. But hold on yet, there are still things that you need to clear before leaving for abroad, one of them is your medical certificate, oh yes, it must be approved and be stamped with a “Fit to Work” stamp. Read more

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In The Philippines, According To DOLE

A new survey data released by the government has revealed the top-paying jobs in the country. According to the said survey, pilots, flight engineers, and geologists are the highest paid workers in the Philippines. Read more

3 Advantages Of Applying For Overseas Jobs Through A Recruitment Agency

When looking for overseas employment opportunities, is it better to apply through a recruitment company or to apply directly to an employer? This is a very important question to consider, especially if you are serious about your job hunt and you want to find the best work opportunity available. Read more

How To Open A PERA Investment Retirement Account

As overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) work hard abroad, one thing they should keep in mind is that they probably would not be employed for a lifetime there. So it takes careful planning and preparation to ensure that an OFW will have a bright future once the time comes to stop working and to return to the country for good. Read more

Expat Workers In Qatar Will No Longer Need Exit Permit To Leave The Country

By the 13th day of December 2016, Qatar will start to implement its new labor law. This is after a year since the law was first published in the official gazette. Read more

One-Stop Shop Service Center For OFWs Officially Opens

As repeatedly promised by President Rodrigo Duterte during the campaign period, he intends to keep overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) among his administration’s main priorities. He said he will simplify the application process for those wanting to work abroad and he specifically wants to establish a one-stop service center to cater for their needs. Read more

Telstra To Move 326 Call Center Jobs To The Philippines

Good news for Filipino job seekers looking for work opportunities in the call center industry.
Telstra Corporation, a major telecommunications company in Australia, has recently confirmed that they will be moving more the three hundred call center jobs to the Philippines. Read more

Germany, Japan Needs More Nurses And Caregivers

In a recent announcement from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), we’ve learned that Germany and Japan are currently in need for more nurses and caregivers. Read more

5 Interesting Tidbits About The Malacañang Palace

As the entire country looks forward to the day when Rodirgo Duterte finally assumes his rightful position as the newly-elected President, all eyes are set on Malacañan Palace. Read more

What You Need To Know About Income Tax Return (Tax Refund)

Income Tax Return or Tax Refund may sound like a complicated matter for the unaware but if you know the drill, this can help you get back a portion of what you’ve been paying as your income tax.
To begin with, let’s take a look at what falls under the category of a tax refund and whether you are really eligible for it.
According to a post by online news website Rappler, “tax refund for employees is the excess of tax withheld over the tax due on their annual gross compensation income. The employer as the withholding agent is responsible for computing any tax refund or adjustment to salary.” Read more

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