Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In The Philippines, According To DOLE

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A new survey data released by the government has revealed the top-paying jobs in the country. According to the said survey, pilots, flight engineers, and geologists are the highest paid workers in the Philippines.

This information provides a good insight for students and job seekers as to what courses and training they should pursue if they eventually want to end up with a lucrative career.

Based on the Labor Market Trends Report, the top 10 highest paying jobs in the countries are the following:

1. Pilots, navigators, and flight engineers

The survey said that those who work as pilots, navigators, and flight engineers can earn as much as P156,823 per month.

2. Geologists working in construction

Meanwhile, geologists working in construction has an average monthly salary of up to P101,471.

3. Graphic designers

Those working in the graphic arts industry, on the other hand, can make as much as P99,658 every month.

4. Art directors

Another good-paying art-related job is being an art director which yields a monthly earning of up to P76,612.

5. Industrial machinery mechanics and fitters

Those employed as industrial machinery mechanics and fitters come close with a monthly income of about P76,550.

6. Geologists in mining

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If you are interested in pursuing a career in mining, the good news for you is that a mining geologists typically makes around P71,849 per month.

7. Statisticians

Placing on the 7th spot are statisticians with a monthly earning of P56,759.

8. Crushing, grinding and chemical-mixing machinery operators

Crushing, grinding and chemical-mixing machinery operators also earn big bucks at about P49,646 per month.

9. Communications service supervisors

Those working in the communications industry as service supervisors make around P48,270 every month.

10. Production supervisors and general foremen

Lastly, production supervisors and general foremen usually earn P47,521 for their monthly salaries.

Moreover, the survey also tells us that those in aviation could earn as high as P275,000 to P280,000 if they are working as an aircraft captain. On top of that, a senior captain can earn P350,000 or more per month.

Other key industries that yield a lot of good-paying jobs include:

  • * Agribusiness, mining
  • * Manufacturing
  • * Power and utilities, construction
  • * Information Technology
  • * Health and wellness
  • * Hotel, restaurant, and tourism
  • * Wholesale and retail trade
  • * Banking and finance
  • * Transport and logistics
  • * Real estate
  • * Education


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