How To Check Your Passport Application Status While In Dubai

Philippine passport holders who have applied for a renewal by visiting the Consulate in Al Qusais will be delighted to know that it is possible to use tools found on the internet to check the status of their passport. Read more

Requirements and Limitations of Medicines Discount for Senior Citizen

We all know how useful of having a senior citizen discount especially here in the Philippines wherein our community is short handle. Having a discount when it comes to buying medicines is a great help for our Senior Citizen. Read more

How To Get A Copy of Your NSO Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is one of the most basic requirements for many different transactions – from applying for a job or even for traveling outside the country. Of course, the copy of your birth certificate should be certified by the National Statistics Office (NSO). Read more

Importance of Having a Pre-Nuptial Agreement Before Getting Married

For many, tying the knot is not only a special occasion but a significant milestone in life. In the Philippines, engaged couples usually sit down with their parents not only to discuss preparations for the big day but also to talk about how they will live as a married couple such as where they will live, etc. Read more

Effective Ways on How to Book Cheap Plane Tickets

Want to travel by plane but don’t want to spend too expensively on your airfare? Well, you better keep your eyes peeled for low-fare promos being offered by various airline companies. As you take advantage of these offers, you’ll be able to fly to your destination without breaking the bank. Read more

List of 61 Visa FREE Countries for Philippine Passport Holders

Want to tour outside the country without the hassle of getting a visa? Actually, yes, that is very much possible. Read more

How To Apply For Your Digitized Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) ID

Having a valid identification card is always an advantage since many transactions in the Philippines require them. Receiving remittances or applying for jobs, for example, will often require valid IDs. Read more

How To Apply For A Master Siomai Franchise

If you are thinking of getting a franchise, Master Siomai can be a good pick. Besides, we all know that siomai has become a staple among many Filipinos as evidenced by the numerous siomai stands we can see these days – from malls and schools to public markets and the streets. Filipinos definitely love eating Siomai (while drinking palamig, of course) and so a Master Siomai franchise can be an advantage for you because it is a popular, trusted brand in the country. Read more

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In The Philippines, According To DOLE

A new survey data released by the government has revealed the top-paying jobs in the country. According to the said survey, pilots, flight engineers, and geologists are the highest paid workers in the Philippines. Read more

When Parents Gets Separated – To Give or Not To Give a Child Financial Support

Child custody and child support are the big issues to tackle after a couple decides to part ways, either by annulment or by a separation. Read more

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