PH Government Lifts OFW Deployment Ban To Libya

The Philippine government has officially lifted the ban on deployment of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to Libya for valid and existing job contracts following the improved security in the country. Read more

How OFWs Can Eliminate Bad Debt – For Good!

It is a sad fact that while some overseas Filipino workers are earning bigger abroad, not all of them are doing good in terms of money management. As a result, they eventually finish their contract with no savings and, worse, they have to face lots of debts as they return to the country. Read more

GOOD NEWS: FREE WiFi In NAIA | Passengers to Enjoy Faster Internet Connection

A government and SMART/PLDT project aims to provide faster internet connection to the passengers of NAIA.) Read more

Jaybee Sebastian Intends to Confess to Pres. Duterte Everything About Bilibid Drug Trade

Convicted criminal Jaybee Sebastian aimed to reveal everything he knows about the Bilbid drug menace. Read more

Government Will Have OFW Bank Soon, According To Sec. Bello

Silvestre Bello III, Secretary of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), has recently confirmed that the Philippine government is indeed planning to establish a special bank for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). This was reported on GMA Network’s Unang Balita program as Bello made the announcement while speaking in front of a crowd of OFWs in Hong Kong. Read more

How To Remove Fatty Tissue Called Lipoma In 8 Days

Although it may be harmless, lipoma or mass formation are benign tumors that can be very uncomfortable. They can grow on different parts of the body such as your arms, armpits, head, or neck.
Medical science says lipoma is often linked to genetics. Another possible cause is high cholesterol levels or obesity. Laser surgery is usually the quickest solution to removing it but there are also medication being sold in the market.
Some, however, prefer the natural alternative which is much safer and less costly. Read more

Simple Tips On How To Prevent Breast Cancer

The statistics for breast cancer can be pretty scary. As a matter of fact, the American Cancer Society tells us that in the United States alone, at least 1 in 8 women develop the disease.
So the question here for many is this: Is it possible to prevent breast cancer? We learn that there are at least 8 ways to reduce the risks. Read more

Using Apple, Ginger, And Lemon Juice For Eliminating Bodily Toxins And Cleansing Your Colon

Colon is an important organ because it handles the task of eliminating waste materials in the body. Fortunately, cleansing it doesn’t have to be expensive because you can use a natural solution that’s easily available from your kitchen. Other than colon detox, this solution can even help relieve constipation. Read more

Canadian Employer To Visit In Manila – Available Job Positions In Canada For Skilled Filipino Workers

Staff from the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program will be visiting Manila, Austria, and Vienna this coming October 2016. Manitoba employers will also be coming along to interview applicants for certain job positions. Read more

6 Important Tips As You Prepare To Send A Balikbayan Box This Christmas

With Christmas officially just a few months away, most overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are probably preparing (or at least planning) the balikbayan box they will send their loved ones for the holiday season. Besides, Christmas is a time of giving and so we want to shower our families and friends with gifts to remind them of how special they are to us. Read more

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