Complete Guide and Details in Renewing a Permanent ACR I-Card

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Just like in any other countries, all immigrants either Filipinos working abroad or foreign, going or returning to the Philippines are required to obtain an ACR I-Card. This is important especially for those individuals who will stay in the country for over 59 days.Complete-Guide-and-Details-in-Renewing-a-Permanent-ACR-I-Card

This is also applicable to all foreign nationals holding non-immigrant and immigrant visas as well as those Temporary Visitors’ Visa. They should apply for an ACR I-card including those Permanent Resident, Special Non-Immigrant, Native-Born, Voluntary Registrant, Probationary Resident, worker, students, tourist, and treaty trader and gratis.

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An ACR I-Card is valid for one year, but it is renewable. Renewing this card is quicker as compared to applying new Visa. Renewal of the ACR I-Card requires the following documents:

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  • Duly accomplished application form
  • Original ACR I-Card
  • Photocopy of passport’s first page
  • Certified true copy of ACR I-Card given by the BOC’s Records Section
  • Certified true copy of order granting visa from the BOC’s Records Section

Additional documents that may be presented include the following:

  • Barangay certificate of residency
  • Affidavit of change of address
  • Photocopy of original ACR I-Card

Upon applying for card renewal, you should bring the necessary requirements such as;

  • Completed checklist along with the documentary requirements
  • Ask for Order of Payment slip and pay the necessary fees

The I-Card fee is $50 and the express fee is Php500. After paying the required amount, you will submit the official receipt. The application will be evaluated and approved when all the requirements are accomplished. You shall present an ID card and the claim stub during the scheduled release of the renewed ACR I-Card.

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The Bureau of Immigration had made updates informing ACR holders to report after 60 days subsequently a year after the Card was issued. Failure to report would cost a penalty of Php500 for non-appearance.

Aside from the annual report fee, the card holder should also submit other documents such as special power of attorney, valid passport, government-issued ID, and the official receipt of the annual report fee.

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