Stupid Things Many People Do After Breakup

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Going through breakup isn’t an easy thing as it makes your brain out of track. There’s always the possibility to do things you never mind doing it. But, it may be a normal thing because most people coping with breakup may likely do the same stupid things.Stupid-Things-Many-People-Do-After-Breakup

  1. Deleting the phone number of the ex

This is very common but really stupid. You may delete the phone number of your ex in your phone, but believe me that it will linger in your mind. It’s because the phone number of your ex remains in the long-term memory that may last for years. It doesn’t make sense in achieving your goal to forget and move on.

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  1. Pretending you’re OK

Pretending you’re OK even when you’re not won’t help to move on. All you have to do is to accept what just happened. Stop telling that it’s not your loss or you don’t need her/him anyway. Breakup isn’t the end of the world because there’s still life ahead.

  1. Flirting too soon

This is one of the stupid actions that people who go through breakup often do. Doing what your ex have done to you doesn’t make sense at all as it will only work overnight. Flirting with somebody while you’re coping with breakup is irrational and it may end up hurting yourself again.

  1. Hanging out with friends

Breakup involves a lot of dramas and many people believe that hanging out with friends and drinking alcohol can help. You’re wrong because it will just add headache not to mention spending your money unwisely.

  1. Stalking your ex

Stalking your ex on the social media will just add insult in your part. It’s not the best idea especially if you’re drunk.

When getting into a relationship you should always be prepared about breakup. As the saying goes “no relationship is made in heaven” will help you overcome the struggles, pain, and consequences of falling in love and breaking apart.

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