Stupid Things Many People Do After Breakup

Going through breakup isn’t an easy thing as it makes your brain out of track. There’s always the possibility to do things you never mind doing it. But, it may be a normal thing because most people coping with breakup may likely do the same stupid things. Read more

Grounds to File Criminal Complaint for Adultery

No matter how you’re eager to keep your marriage, there are instances that will destroy it.  Time comes when one of the couple wanders and find another one. Infidelity is the most common act committed by either the wife or husband. In most cases, husband is the one who commits such crime, but what if the wife commits the same misdeed? Read more

Legal Matter: How to Punish Your Cheating Spouse in the Philippines

Normally, husbands were the one cheating on their wives. The reasons behind, we don’t know.  The truth is that any act of cheating is liable to be punished by law. Read more

Possible Issues That May Arise About Conjugal Property

Filipinos aren’t only romantic but also value family more than anything else. The sanctity of marriage definitely precious to us and it’s the reason why divorce isn’t allowed in the Philippines. Read more

Do As The Locals: Survival Tips for OFWs in Dubai

The economic boom of Dubai made this once sleepy state interesting for a lot of people, including migrant workers.Decades ago, we know nothing about Dubai, but now, it’s a magnet for tourists and OFWs for a lot of reasons. Almost everything in Dubai is different from ours. We know something about the Arab culture, but not that familiar, unlike what we know in the western culture. Read more

Top Countries Where Filipinos Could Work In and Later Call a Home

Many of the Filipino workers go abroad and take jobs there. All the opportunities offered to go abroad are taken instantly by a lot. Many of them are given a chance for this since the demand for work has been increasing as time goes by. Knowing that a lot of Filipinos work worldwide that their numbers climb up to 2.4 million, where do they usually go? Read more

What It Feels Like To Have OFW Parents

Despite of the new iPhone 7 on their hand, and Jordan’s on their feet, there is an undeniably missing part of a child’s life whose parents are both working as overseas Filipino workers. No matter how easy life may seem for them, being able to study in prestigious schools, getting everything that they want and need, being able to go out with friends on full pockets, nothing beats the fact that they still aren’t living with a complete family. That hard pill to swallow is one of the worst realities that an OFW can face. Their children growing up without their supervision, without their presence. Read more

How to Conquer Homesickness While Working Abroad

Far away, far away.

You’re not just in your neighbor’s house, which is one fence away from your home, you are now literally hundreds of miles away from the comforts of your home, to take a risk and establish a better future for your family. Read more

Happiest Workers in Asia: The Filipino Joy

It seems that the workers of a giant mall chains are not the only people who are “Happy To Serve!”, with’s online survey, it appears that this spirit of happiness is all over the Filipino workers. According to the JobStreet’s survey, Filipinos are the happiest workers in Asia! Read more

Being an OFW from A Millenials Perspective

What do a millennial ‘see’ whenever he or she sees a newly delivered Balikbayan box? Of how do they see a Balikbayan box somehow reflects the way they see an OFW. Do they ‘see’ a blissful, stress-free life abroad? or do they see OFWs swimming in a pile of cash? Read more

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