PhilHealth for Overseas Filipino Members

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The PhilHealth is an agency of the government mandated to provide health insurance coverage to all Filipinos including those working overseas.PhilHealth-for-Overseas-Filipino-Members

But, who are those qualified to register as Overseas Filipino members of PHilHealth?

  • Seafarers or sea-based Filipino workers

Anyone who works on a seagoing ship other than government ship used for non-commercial or military purposes and cruising in foreign seas. Seafarers include cruise ship personnel, fishermen, and those working with foreign drilling units and maritime mobile offshore.

  • Land-based overseas Filipino workers

Anyone other than a sea-based OFW and working in a foreign country.

  • Filipinos with Dual Citizenship

These are Filipinos working or living in other countries and granted citizenship.

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Advantages of being an OFW PhilHealth member

  • The OFW members and their dependents can avail PhilHealth benefits either out-patient surgeries in the Philippines or hospital confinements. They should be confined in any health care institution accredited by PhilHealth and the confinement will be paid through the PhilHealth All Case Rate payment scheme.
  • Confinements expenses in foreign countries can be reimbursed within 180 days after discharge provided that the member can submit all the claim documents.
  • The qualified dependents can also enjoy the same benefits as with the principal members.
  • If the OFW member had reached the retirement age and had paid 120 monthly contributions, he or she will be entitled for Lifetime membership.
  • More than 4,600 surgical and medical procedures covered by Philhealth including dreaded diseases such as cancer. Likewise, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis are also covered by PhilHealth.

How to register as an OFW PhilHealth member?

If the OFW is on a break and currently in the Philippines, he or she can visit the Local Health Insurance Office, PhilHealth Regional Office, PhilHealth Express outlet or PhilHealth Business Center nearest your place.

They can also visit any accredited collecting partners in foreign countries or use electronic registration facility. Philhealth Member Registration Form can be downloaded and email it to

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