How Filipinos with Dual Citizenship Can Avail PhilHealth

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The PhilHealth or the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation have announced the Circular No. 2017-0004 that aims to provide Universal Health Coverage to all Filipinos. Likewise, PhilHealth is also mandated to offer affordable, available, acceptable, and accessible health care services.How-Filipinos-with-Dual-Citizenship-Can-Avail-PhilHealth

R.A. No. 10606 or the National Health Insurance Act of 2013 considers FDCs or Filipinos with Dual Citizenship as “Filipinos who are also citizens of other countries”. Thus, by virtue of the Republic Act 9225 pertaining to Filipinos who have re-acquired or retained their Filipino citizenship.

PhilHealth Membership Registration

Thus, Filipinos with dual citizenship can now avail PhilHealth coverage. All they have to do is to register with NHIP and submit the required documents such as the Identification Certificate issued by the Philippine Consulate or Philippine Embassy abroad. Along with the accomplished PhilHealth Member Registration Form, the applicant should also submit the Certificate of retention/re-acquisition of Philippine citizenship.

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Those FDCs who will declare legal dependents are required to attach a copy of IC or CRPC for children not over 21 years old and those who are unmarried and unemployed. A medical certificate is also required for dependents who are suffering from either mental or physical disability.

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A legitimate spouse can be declared as dependent as long as he or she is also a FDC. A copy of IC or CRPC and marriage certificate should be attached to the membership form. In addition, parents of FDCs can be also declared as dependents as long as they are below 60 years old.

FDCs are required to pay the premium contribution of Php3,600 annually to any PhilHealth accredited collecting agent either local or overseas. The FDC is allowed to pay in advance for two consecutive years only.

How to Avail the PhilHealth Benefits?

The FDCs and the dependents have the right to avail the PhilHealth benefits from any accredited health care facilities or institution abroad or in the Philippines. They are also entitled for other benefits in accordance to the present implementing guidelines of PhilHealth.

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In case the FDC or the dependent was confined abroad, they are entitled to avail reimbursement. But, the claim documents must be sent to the PhilHealth office within 180 days or six months after discharge.

Interested FDCs may inquire from the Overseas Filipinos Program official website at

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