Top Countries Where Filipinos Could Work In and Later Call a Home

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Many of the Filipino workers go abroad and take jobs there. All the opportunities offered to go abroad are taken instantly by a lot. Many of them are given a chance for this since the demand for work has been increasing as time goes by. Knowing that a lot of Filipinos work worldwide that their numbers climb up to 2.4 million, where do they usually go?

Here are the top 5 places that overseas Filipino workers want to work and why.

SINGAPORE – this is a place near the Philippines that is really disciplined. It is a good work destination for Filipinos since it offers a lot of jobs and can provide needs since it has a stable economy. Many will choose SG since it is safe there, there is a good pay for employees and great job opportunities.

CANADA – A good place for work plus the locals treat foreigners well. The good thing about working in Canada is that after one-year of employment, foreign workers can take their family there and the government can offer permanent residency to every member of the family.

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SAUDI ARABIA– another country that Filipino would want to go since it gives a great pay, have a low cost of living there and has a strong economical standing.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE) – This country provides a lot of job opportunities for Filipinos. For example is in Dubai where a lot of Filipinos graduate or not can become baristas, DH or domestic helpers, call center agents and many more. The salary that a Filipino can earn is HIGH. It will ensure the future since it has a great economy and will give Filipinos the money and the job that they need.

QATAR – There are a lot of job offerings in this country since it has a shortage for workers for the past years. Qatar is opening a door for Filipinos to work and earn because of the opportunities that lie within their borders. Plus, it is one of the richest country for its oil resources. Imagine having the privilege to work on a country like that.

No matter where you wish to work, always bring your best armor to anything, your Filipino will, courage and spirit!

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