Do As The Locals: Survival Tips for OFWs in Dubai

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The economic boom of Dubai made this once sleepy state interesting for a lot of people, including migrant workers.Decades ago, we know nothing about Dubai, but now, it’s a magnet for tourists and OFWs for a lot of reasons. Almost everything in Dubai is different from ours. We know something about the Arab culture, but not that familiar, unlike what we know in the western culture.


Planning to visit Dubai? Or do you want to ‘feel at home’ at Dubai? Then ‘play’ as a local! we’ll tell you how.

Learn their language.

One of the best (if not the best) way to connect is through language. ‘Playing’ as a local without even knowing how to say “hi” in their language would not even make you a ‘local’ in any possible way.

Familiarize yourself with what they eat — then try it.

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Eating fishball, kikiam, adobo, and sinigang loudly speaks that one is a true Filipino.

What about the locals in Dubai, what are they eating?, what they are munching on?, what do they usually eat for breakfast, what foods do they hate?, what are their local delicacies, know it, try it.

Know about their government.

Know their type of government, the people who rule the locals, know the name of their officials (or monarchy) no matter how it twists your tongue.

With how much the Filipino people know about President Duterte, that’s how you also need to know the people who rules Dubai.

Know what they are watching.
We wonder what are the top television shows in Dubai, know it kid.

Where do they go most often?
You can’t be a ‘local’ without having any idea where do they go most often.

Be a walking map.

No, there’s a bit of exaggeration with that, but do familiarize yourself with the different places in Dubai, the popular ones, and yes, even the unheard of ones, even the streets, be familiar with it, because locals are naturally knowledgeable on their place.

Yes, I know, it appears that playing as a ‘local’ in Dubai, requires a LOT of work, there’s a lot walking, researching, familiarizing, etc.

But you know what, immersing yourself in a different culture is already an adventure itself!

So get that bag, sunglasses (and yes, sunblock), come with us, and let us play as ‘locals!’

(Extra luggage for patience is needed)

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