How to Earn Extra Income While Being an OFW

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Working abroad for Filipinos means earning a lot more than if they work here in the Philippines. If they work away from the homeland, they will gain dollars or euros or whatsoever that when converted to pesos will give them more than what they bargained for. But still, we have to consider the type of work that they are performing.

There are jobs where you can earn a huge amount of money but there are also some which somehow is not enough maybe because of the debts they have. So if you are an OFW and wanting to earn extra cash and in order for their family to not be short on money, you can consider the following ideas.

Selling online – this kind of business is easier since all you need is a social media account and an internet connection You can sell different items, starting from as little as clothes up to as big as appliances.

Open up a Sari-sari store or eatery- You can open a store in the Philippines so that the money you are sending to your family will not only be spent but will go around the market and can even be doubled as time pass by.

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Money Lending – this can be very risky since most of the time, many people are good when borrowing money but will not be found when it is time to pay. Don’t deny it, you also might have done this.

Investment – you can invest your money to a company or business. It may grow as time goes by and you will not even shed a single sweat if you do this. Unless the company or business will go bust, but I think you will not invest on something risky.

Do part time jobs – if you are really that industrious, it is not bad to take another job in the country you are in beside your real job. It is not forbidden to do this as long as your body can endure the fatigue.

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Money doesn’t grow on trees and hard earned money are the ones really hard to spend. Earning them is not a joke so we have to be smart about it.

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