Do You Believe The Girl Was Cheated Her Boyfriend Now Trending Online

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Now trending online the girl who alleged cheated her boyfriend and having an affair to her newest buddy send pictures to her original one. The pictures appeared below got too many netizens reactions about what’s trending online in regards on the post of Jefferson Manayao when he posted his girlfriend pictures on his Facebook account and quote.

” kung pano ko pingsigawan s mundo pgmamahal ko sau nuon, ganun ko din ipagsisigawan kahayupang ginawa mo sken, hayup ka iya mendoza..kapal ng mukha mo pra isend mo sken mga pictures nyo ng hayup mong lalaki habang nsa barko ako, walang kasing kapal ang mukha mo pra isakay p lalaki mo s kotse ko at ipadrive mo pa..sasabihin pa ng tito mo at ng pinsan mo n d matibay n evidence yang mga pics n yan..kapal ng mga mukha nyo!!! hindi p kau nhulog s bangin habang dala nyo kotse ko mga imoral!!”

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After the pictures posted Jeff got so many support, telling him to be strong and nothing to afraid of. Do you really believe the girl cheated him but how about the side of the girl. Lets see what will happen next?
See the pictures below…

fb account of jeff manayao
We don’t know yet what are the real score between and the side of girl..
But if  this is true and you are in this kind of situations, How you will handle this?

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