Freddie Aguilar Ready to Marry Her 16 yr old Girlfriend

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Do you know who is Fredie Aguilar or Ka Freddie? Ka Freddie is the one who captured the heart of many people in the music scene in 1979 when his signature hit song Anak boom in the entire music industries. Now the 60 year old folk singer is ready for another married life when Ka Freddie admitted that he is inlove to a 16 year old young lady which is not identified her name.

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     Ka Freddie said love is undefined even in dictionary love does not written to be poor or rich or to be an old to young ones. But when Ka Freddie ask about if she ready to be married again he replied it yes but not now because of her girlfriend is only 16 and he have to wait until it turns 18 of age.  

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