Tips On How To Avoid ATM Skimming

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Recently the news on television talks about the skimmers, those are people who trying to penetrate to have an access to your ATM or Credit card personal info including your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Skimmers use skimming device that will track your infos sending to criminals or copying data of your ATM / Credit card. Below are some tips you can get on how to avoid this kind of modus by the criminals.

photo credit from GMA

Here are some tips on how to avoid skimmers:

Always withdraw your money in the safe place wherein too many people can see you incase  you are victimized by the said group.

Always check any kind of ATM machine or credit card reader before you try to get your money.
when you feel something unnecessary things about the ATM devices don’t ever try your luck.

If you see something like tape, glue leak, loose screw or any damaged around the ATM machine just report it immediately.

When you enter your PIN number try to use your other hand to cover the ATM keyboard and make it sure you cover all correctly sometimes the skimmers put a small piece of camera which undetectable.

When your card is being captured by the machine, call your bank or card provider immediately so they will monitor any transactions made after your card being captured.


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