Tips on How to Pass the Civil Service Exam Successfully

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If you’re planning to find a job in the government, you must be eligible and pass the Civil Service examination. There are two levels of examination such as Professional and Sub-professional.

This is not an easy examination that’s why the examinee must review very well. There are plenty of review materials that you can find online or you can enroll in a review center.

Preparation is significant if you want to increase the probability of passing the exam. Here are some tips that will help you pass the civil service examination.

Tips to Pass the CSE

  • Spend adequate time to review

Just like a soldier, you should not take the exam unless you are well-prepared. This means that you should spend adequate time to review. Your chance of passing the test can be great if you have enough preparations.

  • Prepare all the materials

It is important to prepare all the things that you’ll need during the exam ahead of time. Materials include ballpen, pencils, and test permit.

  • Remember all the necessary information

As you have the test permit, you should remember your room assignment and testing center. This way, you’ll know exactly the place where you go. Likewise, you should not forget your Examination Number.

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  • Listen to the instructions

During the examination day, aside from arriving at the testing center ahead of time, you should also listen to the instructions carefully. This will be the right time when you’ll know everything about the exam. Don’t do anything otherwise told by the instructors.

  • Perform the proper shading technique

In almost all examinations, shading technique is commonly used. This is also true with the Civil Service exam. Make sure to shade only inside the circle, otherwise the machine won’t validate the answer if you’ll shade excessively.

  • Follow the specific directions

For every set of the examination there’s specific directions. As much as possible, you should answer all the test items. You can make good guess if you don’t know the exact answer. Avoid any erasure or alteration in your answer sheet as it may affect the validation process.

Aside from the tips mentioned above, managing your time can also help you to pass the examination. As there are many questions given, you should not spend more time on one question. This way you can avoid leaving other items unanswered.

During the exam, you should relax and focus on finding the right answer. Instill in your minds that you need to pass the CSE for one take. Above all, nothing can beat prayers. Before the exam, pray hard and ask for HIS guidance and do the rest.

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