Requirements and Limitations of Medicines Discount for Senior Citizen

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We all know how useful of having a senior citizen discount especially here in the Philippines wherein our community is short handle. Having a discount when it comes to buying medicines is a great help for our Senior Citizen.

To avail of the 20% rebate or discounts on pharmaceuticals:

1. Show your Senior Citizen’s ID and Purchase Slip Booklet appropriately affirmed by the Office of Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA) Chairman.

2. Show the Doctor’s medicine, ensuring the accompanying are obviously composed:

* Patient’s name, age, address, and date of medicine.
* Nonexclusive name of the endorsed drug.
* Name and address of the specialist.
* Specialist’s PTR number and S2 permit (the last is key particularly when endorsed pharmaceuticals fall under the “disallowed and controlled medication” class).

3. On the off chance that the Senior Citizen patient couldn’t manage the cost of the conference expenses of a private specialist, he may visit the closest wellbeing focus or government doctor’s facility in his general vicinity and secure a remedy for nothing out of pocket.

4. Any single administering should not be over one week’s supply of pharmaceuticals aside from of the accompanying ceaseless conditions that require consistent utilization of drugs for a month:

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1. Hypertension
2. Diabetes
3. Parkinson’s infection
4. Joint pain
5. TB
6. Disease
7. Psychosis
8. Sicknesses that require broad pharmaceutical

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The accompanying must be recorded in an extraordinary record Book of Senior Citizens Discount given under RA 7432:

1. Name of Senior Citizen
2. Address
3. SC ID number
4. Non-specific name of the medication/drug
5. Number of units administered

Observe that a few drug stores may require extra verification of distinguishing proof in situations when just a delegate is sent to buy the pharmaceuticals. While they recognize the way that some Senior Citizens may not be physically ready to visit a drug store, they additionally need to guarantee that these pharmaceuticals are apportioned for the Senior Citizen’s utilization as it were.

In the event that you are sending another person to purchase your prescriptions for you, ensure he has all the required records and is additionally prepared with his own particular distinguishing proof cards.


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