How To Apply For A Master Siomai Franchise

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If you are thinking of getting a franchise, Master Siomai can be a good pick. Besides, we all know that siomai has become a staple among many Filipinos as evidenced by the numerous siomai stands we can see these days – from malls and schools to public markets and the streets. Filipinos definitely love eating Siomai (while drinking palamig, of course) and so a Master Siomai franchise can be an advantage for you because it is a popular, trusted brand in the country.

Managed and developed by Masterrific Foods, Master Siomai now has over 600 outlets scattered across the Philippines since it was first launched back in April 2012. Aside from its catchy name (which is likely a play on ‘Master Showman’), the brand caught the attention of local consumers because of the great quality and authentic Japanese taste of their siomai products.

So how much does it cost to get a Master Siomai franchise?

According to a post by, a Master Siomai franchise package is worth Php 280,000. The franchise contract, the website tells us, is “valid for three (3) years and is renewable for another three (3) years at 50% franchise fee at the time of renewal.”

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The franchise package includes 1 unit food cart, a 5-cu ft chest freezer, a stainless siomai streamer, 1 plastic juice, kitchen and plastic wares container, food products, marketing materials, crew uniforms, cleaning supplies, and, of course, training for the crews.

To ensure your success as a franchisee, it is, of course, important to select a good location. If you are going to place your cart in a mall or a shopping center, you will be asked to submit an award notice or lease proposition. For other locations such as school grounds, terminals, and others, you should have a verbal or informal agreement beforehand.

The next step is to have a scheduled visit at the Master Siomai office so their representatives can come over for site evaluation. You can get in touch with them via (02)281-3635, 0923-441-9957, or 0923-441-9958.

Once approved, you and your crew will have to attend separate training and then you will be asked to attend the franchise agreement contract signing which will follow shortly.

In case you are really interested, you can get in touch with Master Siomai for more information via their email or their official website

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