How To Apply For A Building Permit In The Philippines

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Before constructing a building, a house, or any establishment, it is important that you secure a building permit. If you don’t, the municipal or city government has the power to stop the construction.

What are the requirements and process in applying for a building permit in the Philippines? Read on and learn.

First and foremost, here are the requirements:

  • Duly accomplished application forms signed and sealed by engineers
  • Building Permit Forms (5 copies)
  • Sanitary Permit Forms (3 copies)
  • Electrical Permit Forms (3 copies)

If you are the lot owner and are the applicant at the same time, you will also need to submit:

  • Tax Declaration
  • Certified True Copy of OCT/TCT, on file with the Registry of Deeds (5 copies)
  • Current Real Property Tax Receipt (5 copies)

If you are not the lot owner, you will instead need to submit:

  • The duly Notarized copy of the Contract Lease, Contract of Sale, Affidavit of Consent of the Lot Owner for the construction of building/house, or Deed of Absolute Sale. (5 copies of any of the documents listed)
  • Five (5) complete sets of Detailed Plans

When constructing a two-storey building, take note of this additional requirement:

  • Structural Design Analysis (signed by Civil Engineer at every page)

If you’re going for more than two storeys, you will also need these:

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  • Boring and Plate Load Test
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Permit Billboard (0.60 X 0.90 Plywood)
  • Bill of Materials and Specification (5 copies) – signed and sealed by an engineer or an architect at every page
  • Locational Clearance
  • Photocopy of PTR # and PRC license of all concerned engineers and architects
  • Clearance from the DPWH if the construction is located along National Highway
  • DOLE Clearance

Now this is the procedure of application:

To begin with, you need to visit your municipal or city office to get a checklist of all the requirements. You can always consult with your architects and engineers if you have any questions.

After signing the forms, submit it to the Office of the Building Official. You will then proceed to the Assessor’s Office to get an Acknowledgement Slip which specifies the date of the status of your application.

After your application’s approval, you will get an Order of Payment and you will have to pay all the required fees at the Treasurer’s Office. Fees may vary depending on the building’s location and size. Usually, provincial fees are much cheaper than fees in the cities.

Bring the official receipt (or a photocopy of it) to the Office of the Building Official releasing section. Go back to the releasing section after 5 business days and get your building permit.


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