Ilocana Student Graduates Summa Cum Laude In A Canadian University

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Kimberleene Odono Bolos, 22 years old student from San Fernando City, La Union, has just graduated at the Mcmaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada last June 14, 2016 – and she did so in flying colors.
This Ilocana young woman, who took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing, not only finished her course but was recognized as summa cum laude. She has likewise passed the required board exams, said Cristy Ordono Zacarias, her auntie.
“Actually, nine hours before the graduation ceremonies her mother and us did not know she was summa cum laude,” shared Cristy.

Kimberleene has been scheduled for an August 19 flight for a grand homecoming celebration with her loved ones in the Philippines namely her grandfather Ronaldo Ordono Sr., a retired Coca Cola Company employee, her grandmother Carmelita, Cristy, and a younger half-brother. She will be spending half-a-month of rest in their home before picking one or two job positions being offered by major hospitals in Canada.

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Kimberleene studied kindergarten in Lingsat village’s Felkris School. Meanwhile, she finished her elementary grades and third year high at the Saint Louis College High School. On the other hand, she completed her 4th year along with Grade 11 and 12 in Canada’s Notre Dame Catholic School. Her mother Anita used to worked in Ottawa at a nursing home for elders.
“Every now and then, her mother visits her in Burlington where she stays with her aunts and uncles,” Kimberleene’s grandfather said.

Kimberleene was known as a consistent high school honor student and she was later granted scholarships because of it.
“She’s a very obedient and understanding child, and went with a peer group who also belonged to the Top Ten in class. I regularly fetched her from school and never complained when her classmates mocked her for having a grandfather awkwardly fetching a big girl at 17,” recalled Ronaldo.
Kudos to you, Kimberleene, for the amazing achievement! May your story serve as an inspiration to students everywhere.

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