TESDA Offers Assist Well For Repatriated OFWs

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Middle East is facing economic crisis because of the intensifying conflict as well as the lowering prices of oil. Many factories many factories started to shut down without prior notice. In line with that, OFW’s working in Middle East countries are losing their job and had to choice but to go back to the Philippines. More or less, there are 1.7 million documented OFWs set to be displaced in Middle East.

The good news is, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is preparing various work opportunities for OFW’s repatriated from their work abroad. For additional work experience, TESDA is also willing to provide all the necessary trainings such as technical vocational courses to improve their skills.

TESDA Director General Irene Isaac said that she wants her country men to be confident no matter what circumstances they previously had. Through a flagship program, Competency Assessment and Certification for Workers (CAW) a free training will be given to qualified applicants.

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As of 2015, there are a total of 890 OFWs who were provided free trainings from TESDA. This year, TESDA is aiming for two million graduates out of their 6.6 billion approved budget. Every single procedure here was made easier through the newly-launched Assist WELL (Welfare, Employment, Legal and Livelihood) centers fully mobilized throughout the country. e-Assist WELL is also available, it’s a database system that can be accessed online. OFWs can monitor the services online efficiently.


There are currently a total of 18 centers offering this free training nationwide. On the other hand, the database system of TESDA aims to provide free food and accommodation, jobs, competency assessment, legal counseling and business assistance for returning OFWs. Different government organizations are lending their hands with this Assist WELL program. This program is a one-stop shop for all OFW repatriates. Through the help of OWWA, OFWs can start the assistance program even before returning to the country. Instantly, after landing to the airport, assistance will be provided or they can approach the nearest Assist WELL centers.

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