OFW in Taiwan Dies After Dorm Coordinator’s Neglect

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This story about Erwyne Camua Eusebio, a deceased OFW in Taiwan, has been making rounds on social media recently. Posted by Azia Ventosa on Facebook last October 21, this one has already been shared 2,132 times as of this writing.

According to Azia, Erwyne used to work in Acer Unipac Corporation (AUO Longke-Taiwan) and was described by friends and colleagues as kind, silent, and talented.

Last October 19, 2015, he and a few buddies went to Aspire Park during their day off to grab a few drinks. Unexpectedly though, he suddenly collapsed for some unknown reason. They immediately brought him to his dorm coordinator, as is the custom in the country, so he can be taken to a hospital. At around 12:30 PM, they were already talking with the coordinator who allegedly declined them repeatedly and insisted that they take him to a room so he could rest instead.

By 6:00 PM, several fellow OFWs checked on Erwyne and they found him pale and seemingly lifeless. It was at that time when the Coordinator only alerted the hospital and so a rescue team came over to administer CPR. Sadly, it was too late. Erwyne has already passed away.

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The friends of Erwyne are calling out to the authorities, demanding justice for the deceased OFW. The failure of the coordinator to contact a medical facility sooner allegedly led him to his death. They’re hoping that the police will conduct investigations about it and those responsible get to answer for it.

See more details here.

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