Top Countries Where Filipinos Could Work In and Later Call a Home


Many of the Filipino workers go abroad and take jobs there. All the opportunities offered to go abroad are taken instantly by a lot. Many of them are given a chance for this since the demand for work has been increasing as time goes by. Knowing that a lot of Filipinos work worldwide that their numbers climb up to 2.4 million, where do they usually go? Read more

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What It Feels Like To Have OFW Parents


Despite of the new iPhone 7 on their hand, and Jordan’s on their feet, there is an undeniably missing part of a child’s life whose parents are both working as overseas Filipino workers. No matter how easy life may seem for them, being able to study in prestigious schools, getting everything that they want and need, being able to go out with friends on full pockets, nothing beats the fact that they still aren’t living with a complete family. That hard pill to swallow is one of the worst realities that an OFW can face. Their children growing up without their supervision, without their presence. Read more

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Ask Yourself These Questions Before Planning to Work Abroad


Working abroad isn’t always easy. There are a lot of challenges that you will face and expect that they will be extra difficult since you will be working with people that doesn’t understand your lifestyle. If you are planning or about to go work abroad, you have to know the answer to some of these questions so that you can be prepared for your very challenging life abroad. Read more

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How to Conquer Homesickness While Working Abroad


Far away, far away.

You’re not just in your neighbor’s house, which is one fence away from your home, you are now literally hundreds of miles away from the comforts of your home, to take a risk and establish a better future for your family. Read more

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Happiest Workers in Asia: The Filipino Joy


It seems that the workers of a giant mall chains are not the only people who are “Happy To Serve!”, with’s online survey, it appears that this spirit of happiness is all over the Filipino workers. According to the JobStreet’s survey, Filipinos are the happiest workers in Asia! Read more

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Paid Leaves for OFW in Taiwan Has Been Granted


Good news for migrant workers in Taiwan especially for our ‘kababayans’ there!

Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor has approved a new regulation, which grants migrant workers (including OFWs) of paid leave, yup, you’ve heard it right, (paid) leave, atleast for migrant workers who works in Taiwan for (more than) a year. Read more

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What Employers Look For in OFWs


The number of Filipinos working overseas just keeps growing year by year.  According to the 2015 Survey on Overseas Filipinos (SOF) there are more than two million overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) distributed in almost all parts of the globe. Since the 1960s, our workers are considered our country’s largest exports and are reportedly preferred by foreign employers over any other nationality. Read more

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How to Earn Extra Income While Being an OFW


Working abroad for Filipinos means earning a lot more than if they work here in the Philippines. If they work away from the homeland, they will gain dollars or euros or whatsoever that when converted to pesos will give them more than what they bargained for. But still, we have to consider the type of work that they are performing. Read more

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Back-up Important Files Using These Tools


Suppose that you’ve lost important files and you do not have back up, what will happen to you? (1) You will lose all your work progress, (2) You will be crazy. As simple as that! Unfortunately, you cannot get back what’s lost once your files are corrupted. So to be safe than sorry, here are some very common things to remember to keep your files safe at all times. Read more

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How To Apply For A Japan Multiple Entry Visa


A Japan Multiple Entry Visa allows its holder to travel to the country in 30 days for 5 years. When applying for one, you need to remember that there are actually two ways to do this – namely one for self-employed applicants and another for employed applicants. Each one has different requirements so go ahead and read on if you want to be informed about this. Read more

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