How To Be An English Teacher In Asia Even Without A Degree


This may sound surprising to some but yes, there are some areas in Asia where you can get hired in a teaching profession without a college degree.
Although getting in can be pretty challenging, it is definitely possible to find teaching jobs in Cambodia and China especially if you are an English teacher. Additionally, you may want to check out Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, and Thailand.
Here are some tips you should keep in mind: Read more

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Using Mango Leaves As A Natural Remedy For Diabetes


Having diabetes can be a challenging thing. For the most part, the disease triggers different health complications such as poor vision, physical weakness, blindness, nerve injury, kidney failure, heart condition, and even erectile dysfunction in men, among many others. Read more

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Italian Couple Rushed To Hospital After Accidentally Getting Locked While Doing Intimate In The Beach


This sounds really ridiculous but an Italian couple has made the news recently for unbelievably doing what was supposed to be a private activity while they were in a public place – and in broad daylight, no less.
Yes, the couple engaged in a sexual intercourse and this happened while they were in the waters of Porto san Giorgio, Italy, according to the EliteReads blog. Unfortunately though, the two got stuck while enjoying their wild, intimate moment. So they eventually had to be rushed to the emergency room as the guy had to struggle pulling his private part from his partner’s. Read more

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Fact: Smartphone Light Can Affect The Quality Of Your Sleep


In case you are still not aware about it, the smartphone light that emits from mobile devices can be bad for your physical health. How much can it actually affect your overall well-being? Well, let’s take some factors into consideration before answering that. Read more

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Good News: Duterte Wants To Extend Passport Validity Up To 10 Years


During his first State of the Nation Address (SONA) as the new President of the Republic of the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte encouraged the Congress last Monday, July 25, 2016, to amend the 20-year-old law to extend the validity of Philippine passports to up to 10 years. Read more

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Financial Management Tips for OFWs On Vacation


Aside from spending quality time with your friends and relatives, one of the most important things you can do if you are an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in vacation is to manage your finances while you are in the country.
That may not sound like a fun idea but believe us, it will be a great advantage for you if you keep your finances in check. Here are financial must-do’s for vacationing OFWs: Read more

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Fantastic Health Benefits On Treating Diabetes, Asthma, Cholesterol, and Kidney Diseases You Can Get In Okra


Also known by its name as ‘lady finger’ or ‘bamia,’ okra is a popular vegetable because of its numerous health benefits. Medical experts from both the United States and the United Kingdom attest that this vegetable really brings many amazing benefits for the human body. Read more

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Drinking Half-Cup Of Lemon Juice Can Make Your Kidney Healthier


The kidney is an important part of the body and so you really have to take care of it. Kidney stones, for instance, can be a serious health problem if you are not cautious. Generally, kidney stones are caused by high calcium levels, oxalate, and phosphorus in the urine.
According to health experts, one of the most effective ways to prevent kidney stones is to drink a lot of water each day. This way, you prevent becoming dehydrated and you will be able to flush out bodily wastes from forming into kidney stones. Read more

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Updates About Saskatchewan’s International Skilled Worker Express Entry Is Now Open Again


The Government of Saskatchewan made an announcement last July 01, 2016 that they have opened 700 slots for the International Skilled Worker-Saskatchewan Express Entry. The available spots, however, did not last a long time since it only took 3 weeks before all of them were taken. Saskatchewan immediately reached their quota for the year of receiving about 1,700 applications. According to them, they might reopen again on January of 2017. Read more

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Over 100 Immigration Officers In NAIA And Other Airports Get Reshuffled


According to an online report by the Manila Bulletin, over 100 immigration officers from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) and other airports across the country have recently been given new assignments. This, of course, is an attempt to improve the services for both local and foreign travelers. In the past, NAIA and other airports in the country has been plagued with negative reputation because of corruption issues. Read more

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