Experts Say Drinking A Bottle of Beer Everyday Can Make You Look Young


At the end of a busy day, some of us enjoy drinking a bottle of beer or two as we relax our tired bodies. Some may call this habit their own little “guilty pleasure” but if the experts are to be believed, there is actually no reason to feel any guilt at all because drinking can actually have health benefits for you.
According to a study by the American Society of Human Genetics, drinking one or two alcoholic beverages may actually slow the aging process down.
Sounds unbelievable? Read more

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Bayezid Hossain A 4-Year-Old Boy Was Born With The Face Of An Old Man


A 4-year-old boy from Bangladesh named Bayezid Hossain has earned the nickname “real life Benjamin Button,” after the Brad Pitt movie entitled “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
In the said Hollywood film, Pitt played the role of a man who ages backwards as he started life looking like an old dwarf and then returning back into a baby’s countenance before he died. Read more

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Gabriela Refiles Philippine Divorce Bill In Congress


Gabriela Women’s Party Representatives Emmi de Jesus and Arlene Brosas have just recently filed House Bill 2380, also known as the Philippines Divorce Bill, in the House of Representatives under the 17th Congress. Read more

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Health Warning: Lack Of Sleep Could Cause These 5 Diseases


We all know that it is important to get quality sleep everyday. Aside from helping you feel invigorated for the next day, adequate rest is also important in order for you to maintain a healthy body.
Yes, medical experts tell us that consistently getting proper sleep is a crucial element of achieving excellent health. In fact, we are told that poor sleeping habits could possibly lead to several diseases such as the following: Read more

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How to Recover Your Lost Tax ID Number From BIR


Want to learn how you can recover a lost tax identification number (TIN)? Well, here’s a handy guide for you!
First and foremost, you should keep in mind that the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) only allows individuals to have one tax ID number. That’s why it is important that you remember your number because you will be using it your entire life. You may save the number on your smartphone or even write it down a notebook or a piece of paper so you won’t lose or forget it. Read more

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Ilocana Student Graduates Summa Cum Laude In A Canadian University


Kimberleene Odono Bolos, 22 years old student from San Fernando City, La Union, has just graduated at the Mcmaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada last June 14, 2016 – and she did so in flying colors.
This Ilocana young woman, who took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing, not only finished her course but was recognized as summa cum laude. She has likewise passed the required board exams, said Cristy Ordono Zacarias, her auntie.
“Actually, nine hours before the graduation ceremonies her mother and us did not know she was summa cum laude,” shared Cristy. Read more

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How To Be An English Teacher In Asia Even Without A Degree


This may sound surprising to some but yes, there are some areas in Asia where you can get hired in a teaching profession without a college degree.
Although getting in can be pretty challenging, it is definitely possible to find teaching jobs in Cambodia and China especially if you are an English teacher. Additionally, you may want to check out Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, and Thailand.
Here are some tips you should keep in mind: Read more

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Using Mango Leaves As A Natural Remedy For Diabetes


Having diabetes can be a challenging thing. For the most part, the disease triggers different health complications such as poor vision, physical weakness, blindness, nerve injury, kidney failure, heart condition, and even erectile dysfunction in men, among many others. Read more

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Italian Couple Rushed To Hospital After Accidentally Getting Locked While Doing Intimate In The Beach


This sounds really ridiculous but an Italian couple has made the news recently for unbelievably doing what was supposed to be a private activity while they were in a public place – and in broad daylight, no less.
Yes, the couple engaged in a sexual intercourse and this happened while they were in the waters of Porto san Giorgio, Italy, according to the EliteReads blog. Unfortunately though, the two got stuck while enjoying their wild, intimate moment. So they eventually had to be rushed to the emergency room as the guy had to struggle pulling his private part from his partner’s. Read more

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Fact: Smartphone Light Can Affect The Quality Of Your Sleep


In case you are still not aware about it, the smartphone light that emits from mobile devices can be bad for your physical health. How much can it actually affect your overall well-being? Well, let’s take some factors into consideration before answering that. Read more

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