Scientists Have Created A New Eye Drop That Can Melt Cataracts


A new and exciting discovery in medical science has recently been made by researchers from the United States. Apparently, these scientists have created a new cure for cataracts – the leading cause of vision loss for humans. Read more

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5 Surprising Ways You Can Use Onions To Improve Your Health


Onions are among the most common ingredients for many different dishes across the world. Aside from that, however, experts tell us that it can bring numerous benefits to the human body. Read more

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This Wonder Plant Can Help You Fight Cancer And Cure Your Diabetes


Goya, or karela, is a wonder plant with numerous health benefits. In fact, it’s been used as a common traditional medicine in China, India, Asia, as well as in some southeastern parts of the United States.
Many know it as a “bitter melon” because of its taste and science tells us that its natural components can be beneficial for people with pancreatic cancer. Read more

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Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) Presents “Concrete Proposals” On Ending Contractualization to DOLE


Just this month, Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) visited the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to have a dialogue with Joel Maglunsod, Labor Secretary. The group presented “concrete proposals on ending contractualization.” Read more

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COMELEC To Inform Registered Voters At Risk of Identity Theft


Several weeks from now, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) will be sending out notices to individuals who they think are at risk of identity theft. Read more

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Smokers, Here’s How You Eliminate Nicotine From Your Body


Cigarette smoking, as the government warns us, is dangerous for human health. Besides, cigarettes contain harmful toxins such as nicotine which can cause high blood pressure, lung damage, and many other serious health concerns. Nicotine may also lead to insulin sensitivity and may affect thyroid hormones, pituitary hormones, sex hormones and adrenal hormones. Read more

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Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water On An Empty Stomach

Health Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water On An Empty Stomach

Easily available in the market, coconut water can bring numerous is actually brings a lot of great benefits to the human body. It has detoxification properties and can do wonders for you if you’re trying to lose weight or want to boost your immune system. Read more

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Pres. Duterte’s First 50 Days: “So Far, So Good” According To Business Groups


Since formally taking office in June 30, 2016, several business groups lauded Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in his first 50 days in power.
This was based on a poll conducted by The STAR as the President received a passing grade, although some concerns were also expressed. Read more

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Negative Effect Of Coffee In Your Health


We all love drinking a mug of coffee at the start of the day, in between breaks while working, and sometimes even late at night before going to bed. We really can’t help it but get a serving of our daily caffeine fix.
This is, of course, despite the fact that we are probably aware that coffee isn’t exactly the healthiest beverage out there. Several medical researches even tell us that it can even bring numerous negative effects to our body.
Consider the following: Read more

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OFW Wins Php 111.9M Jackpot In The Lotto


An OFW who works as a construction worker in Saudi Arabia can finally quit his job and go back to the Philippines for good. Thanks to being an avid lotto player! Read more

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