This Natural Juice Drink Will Help Cleanse Your Blood Vessels


Excessive cholesterol can be bad for your body and the bad news is that, if we’re not choosing healthy foods on a daily basis, then we are consuming more and more cholesterol which can ultimately bring serious health issues in the future. Read more

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This Chart Determines Your Personality Based On The Shape Of Your Fingers


This might sound a little silly for some of us but yes, there are some who believe that an individual’s personality can be determined just by looking at the shape of his or her fingers. Read more

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According To Experts, Your Hair Dyes Are Filled With Toxic Ingredients


Some men and women love using hair dye in order to change their hair color. For example, dyes can be effective in turning graying hair back into black. This is something common for ageing individuals since they regularly use dyes as a tool to “stay young.” Read more

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This Ingredients Is Better Solution In Removing Earwax Than Cotton Swabs

This Ingredients Is Better Solution In Removing Earwax Than Cotton Swabs

Although most people use cotton swabs for getting rid of earwax, experts actually discourage that. Besides, cotton swabs actually push the earwax inside the ear instead of pulling them out. There is also the tendency that the swab might poke and hurt your eardrums so it’s really not a good idea to use it.
So what should you use when you need to clean your ears next time? Well, there are plenty of alternative ear cleaning products available in the market. Just visit a local pharmacy and ask them for recommendations.
Another solution for you would be to try out natural remedies which are way safer and unquestionably effective as well. Read more

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President Duterte Plans To Remove Provincial Rates


In an effort to decongest Metro Manila and promote equal opportunities for the provinces, President Rodrigo Duterte wants to implement the sane wages being enjoyed by workers in the country’s capital.
This is according to Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III who recently confirmed that the administration is seriously considering the implementation of a “national minimum wage law.” Read more

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Signs And Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease


Having kidney disease is something you really shouldn’t take lightly.
The National Kidney Foundation said that chronic kidney disease is the gradual deterioration of the kidney’s function. Eventually, this condition may potentially lead to anemia, diabetes, high blood pressure, nerve damage, and even weak bones.
Sadly, it’s a disease that has afflicted many.
In the United States, for example, about 26 million Americans have kidney disease. Meanwhile in Australia, one person dies every minute because of kidney-related diseases. No wonder, the disease has earned the nickname “Silent Killer.” Read more

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Using Guava Leaves As A Natural Remedy For Acne, Skin Allergies, and Wrinkles


One way or another, we’ve all experienced skin imperfections such as skin allergy, acne or maybe a bit of wrinkles. There are, of course, many different skin ointments and treatments available in the market and you can purchase many of them even without prescription from a dermatologist. Read more

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Meet Li Ching Yuen – The Man Who Lived 256 Years And Shared His Longevity Secret


Do you think it’s possible to live for more than two hundred years old? If you said no, well you’ve probably never heard of Li Ching Yuen.
In a 1930 New York Times article, professor Wu Chung-chieh of the Chengdu University discovered some records from the Imperial Chinese government from 1827 which were congratulating Li Ching-Yuen on his 150th birthday. Eventually, the professor also found 1877 records congratulating Li on his 200th birthday.
And he still lived almost 60 years after that. Read more

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8 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Ginger Everyday


The humble ginger is definitely more than a spice for your food – it also brings numerous health benefits. Because of its natural nutrients and bioactive ingredients, many medical experts are telling us that ginger is one of the healthiest spices in the world. Read more

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Filipinos Are Happiest Workers In Asia, Survey Says


A new survey released by job website tells us that Filipinos are the happiest, most satisfied workers in Asia.
This is based on the “Happiness Index Report 2016” which showed that Filipinos have the highest satisfaction ratings in their jobs when compared with seven other Asian countries surveyed which included Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The survey was conducted simultaneously among the seven countries from Mid-June to mid-July. Read more

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