Can a Female SSS Member File for Sickness Benefit after Claiming Maternity Benefit


The truth about claiming another SSS benefit after receiving a maternity claim.

SSS Maternity benefit is one of the most filed and claimed benefits. It is really a relief for couples to receive this cash assistance in order to start for a new chapter which is raising a baby, or babies for some. However, there are special cases wherein a person who just recently filed for a certain benefit encounters a trouble in filing for another benefit because of another unavoidable circumstance. Just like what a blogger shared on, it is about a female SSS member who had to file for a sickness benefit after receiving her maternity assistance. The prevailing question is why her application for the sickness benefit was denied? Is it about her claiming her maternity benefit? Read more

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ATTENTION OFW’s: Easy and Effective Ways to Save up Your Money and Tips on How to Invest


Effective steps to save up and tips on how to invest for OFW’s.

Did you ever ask yourself the main reason why you are working? Have you ever thought of having a goal to retire early and enjoy the fruits of your labor? Well, if you don’t have that kind of mind set, you must reflect on the first question. We were not born to pay our bills and settle our loans. We must have the right blueprint for our future and it must be bonded with correct timeline. Some even work abroad just to earn more. For Overseas Filipino Workers, can you afford going home with zero balance on your bank account and retiring without even a single centavo? If you answer is no, better take note of these effective and simple ways on how to manage your money and tips on how to invest, as also featured in an article on Read more

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OFW From Cebu Falls Victim To An ATM Scam


No one wants to lose money from a scam but sometimes, it can happen to anyone at anytime.

So ATM users, beware. Read more

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SSS Pension Gets P1,000 Hike Starting January 2017


Here’s a good news for all SSS pensioners out there. If you are a retiree and are hoping to receive a bigger pension, then your prayers have just been answered. Read more

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TESDA Offers Free Courses for Skills Sets Targeting In Demand Jobs Abroad


Avail free courses offered by TESDA for skills in demand abroad.

One of the reasons why Filipinos opt to work abroad is because they cannot find a job that would fit their acquired skills, education or trainings. Rarely, they find one, but the salary is not enough to sustain a family. The result is millions of Filipinos enduring the pain of being away to their families and adjusting to different cultures just to make sure they will have a brighter future. If you are really decided to go overseas and establish your career there, the first thing you need to accomplish is to get ample training. And if your budget is very limited, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) might help you. Read more

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Here’s How Filipinos In Los Angeles, California Can Renew Their Passport


A new bill has been filed in the Senate intending to ban the “no permit, no exam” rule implemented in many schools, universities, and colleges across the country. This policy prohibits students who still have unpaid financial dues to take their exams. Read more

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New Senate Bill Wants To Ban ‘No Permit, No Exam’ Policy In Schools


A new bill has been filed in the Senate intending to ban the “no permit, no exam” rule implemented in many schools, universities, and colleges across the country. This policy prohibits students who still have unpaid financial dues to take their exams. Read more

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Simple Ways of Checking PAG-IBIG Contribution and Payment History Online


Here the easiest ways of checking your PAG-IBIG monthly contribution and payment history.

The government is making all efforts to simplify transactions in every department. With the strong political will of the current administration, the projects related to this have been plausible and satisfactorily implemented. Since we are in the technology age, the use of the internet has also been a breakthrough in government institutions. Based on personal experience, PAG-IBIG is one of the departments which has the friendliest staff and smoothest flow of processing certain government transactions. Their instructions are posted very clear on large tarpaulins and even the queue at the elevator is being managed properly. Read more

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What You Need To Know About Getting A BOSH Training | Cost And Procedures


If you are working as a safety officer and/or engineer, acquiring a Basic Occupational Safety and Health Training (BOSH) certificate is a great way to ensure that you can perform your job better and safer. Read more

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How To File For Late Registration of Birth Certificate In The Philippines


What’s the actual process for filing a late registration of birth certificate in the Philippines? This article answers that question so in case you are wondering about how to do that, read on below and we’ll teach you what you need to do. Read more

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