What To Do If You Forget Your BDO Debit Card PIN Number


Have you ever forgotten an important PIN number? This is not an uncommon experience. Besides, numbers are often harder to memorize than words because of their complex nature. Things can even be harder if you have many account passwords and PIN numbers from your other accounts. Read more

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How Filipinos Can Apply For Australian Tourist Visa Online


One thing you should know about applying for an Australian tourist visa is that it can be a quick process, thanks to the internet. Read more

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New Bill Proposes Mandatory PhilHealth Coverage for PWDs


Filipino persons with disability (PWD) will be happy to hear about this good news.

According to news reports, lawmakers are currently working on amending RA 7277 or the Magna Carta for Persons with Disability. Once the proposed amendment gets approved and implemented, PhilHealth will grant mandatory coverage for all persons with disability. Read more

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Tips for Foreigners: How To Buy A Property In The Philippines


If you are a foreigner and are interested about the idea of buying a property in the Philippines, the first thing that you need to know is this – the law prohibits foreign nationals from owning a land in the country. Read more

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4 Effective Ways to Know If A Dating Website Is Fake


While using the internet seems like a fun and convenient way to find love, you really have to be careful. Read more

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How To File For An SSS Funeral Grant


Losing a loved one can be a trying time for any of us. It can be emotionally and financially challenging. Fortunately, members of the Social Security System () can file for a funeral grant. These benefits can be a big help for a family during those difficult days. Read more

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How To File For SSS Salary Loan for OFW


As an active SSS contributor, you are entitled to certain privileges and benefits – even if you go abroad for overseas employment opportunities. Read more

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Tips and Tricks for FOREX Trading In The Philippines


If you are thinking of exploring foreign currency exchange – or Forex, for short, then you need to learn the basics first. Read more

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How To Invest In BDO UITF via Online


Want to learn more about investing in the BDO UITF (Unit Investment Trust Fund)? Well, here’s your chance to do that! Read more

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Canada To Fast-Track Work Permit Applications For Skilled Foreign Workers


This is a good news for those targeting to get employed at Canada. According to the latest reports, the Canadian federal government has now made it easier for companies to hire highly-skilled foreign workers through fast-tracking work permit applications through a new initiative. Read more

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