Whoops Kiri Whoops Lyrics and Why it Becomes Viral

=&0=& becomes viral due to vice ganda newest dance steps and many people if this is new song but actually this is not here the brief history about this song Whoops Kirri was originally released in 1998 by Fruitcake from their self-titled debut album Fruitcake (Sub-label: Teen Music Power) and re-released in 1999 for their second album Angel Baby as a Dance Remix, both albums under Octo Arts / EMI Music Philippines (now PolyEast Records) so now you know it guys. If looking for Whoops Kiri Whoops Lyrics just read it below.

Whoops Kiri Whoops Lyrics

Oh yeah baby
Here we go now
Singin’ a favorite song my love
I love that song
Hit it Read more

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