Now Trending Video | Two Women Got Mad Over the Allegedly Man’s Scurrility (Took Picture On Her Behind)

This video are now surfacing online wherein two women gets mad over man, for being rude by the way of taking photos on her butt. But instead of getting more sympathy and supporters the video tookers are now facing moral bashes by netizens.

In a video two women confronted of said Bulaluhan employee along Spana due to allegedly took photo in her butt. The man with no reactions while two woman being mad and splashing out  some nonsense vulgar words from their mouth.

If you are  in the same situation, what you will do? You think it is the right thing to do? In my own opinion its not the way how an educated person talked to someone who’d done something wrong to her/his? Both parties must have their own responsibilities.. Read more

All Of Me Tagalog Version Went Viral Online

Truly Filipino’s are music like this on the video made by=&0=& The popular John Legend hit song is in Tagalog version which went viral online.

The video gathered 30k plus views  on YouTube with the length of about four minutes and fifteen seconds, uploaded by himself last May 13 this year. According to him, he was only only having fun and tripping and the guy which most of the netizens caught their attention are his brother.
Read more

Disney “Let It Go” song In Gay Language Went Viral

Now surfaces online the cover of =&0=& but this time in gay language. This Let it Go covers gay version was performed by Joshie Caburnay Quizon.. If you notice the notes was exactly hitting on the tune, the video lasted for about three minutes.
fb image

See for yourself the Beki version of Disney hit song… Watch the entire video, it was amazing and it will make you feel better Read more

Watch Lady Gaga Creepy Version Of Ice Bucket Challenge [Instagram Video]

Famous celebrity in US participate in icebucket challenge a fund raising campaign which part of collective funds will be given to ASL (=&0=&) foundation.

screenshot from lady gaga instagram

Also the famous singer Lady Gaga joins the #icebucketchallenge and does her own version posted in her Instagram account (ladygaga) but not just like the others this one was the creepiest icebucket challenge version you probably seen with no reactions in her face and too serious. Lady Gaga wears black suits sitting in chair while pouring herself a bucket of ice. Read more

Watch Viral Video of Comedian Kuya Jobert Austria Attempted Suicide

The actual video of the said comedian =&0=&surface online social media. The 42 year old comedian and mainstay of ABS CBN gag show Banana Nite was caught on video while attempting to commits suicide last Saturday afternoon.
screenshot: video of lionheartv

According to TV5 Interaksyon the alleged video footage of Kuya Jobert suicide was captured by Richard Paglicawan and later uploaded in Youtube. Based on the Viral Video of Kuya Jobert he was at the 6th floor outside the window of Sogo Hotel located at Quezon and Roces Avenues. Read more

Amazing 8 Years Old Girl Can Dress Up Your Hair Goes Viral [VIDEO]

The 9 year old girl from Bulacan are now trending online due to her video shows her haircutting talent at her very young age she could dress up your hair. One of her customer was amazed by her talent that is why he uploaded the video to showappreciation of the talented girl. It shows that Poverty can’t stopped her to help her parents and one day become the best of her own craft. The video owner said on the video that he wants the girl on the video to become viral.Watch the video below

Who is Lyca Gairanod Before She Won The Voice Kids Philippines [Viral Video]

=&0=& a 9 year old girl who won the recent singing talent search=&1=& is native Cavitena who has a golden voice. Before she joined the voice kids Ph she was collecting garbage to her neighbor aside from that she sang for them in exchange for small amount of money.

Watch her video before Lyca become the first grand champion of The Voice Kids Ph.
The video was taken over a year ago if I remember the video was uploaded by Cherrlyn Argete.  This is the proof the we can change our lives if we deal it slowly but surely. Read more

Heartbreaking Hospital Wedding – A Wedding That Could Break Your Heart

Viral heartbreaking fairytale wedding video of two couple who promise to exchange their vows and love each other. Rowden and Liezel a couple with cute daughter planning to have a wedding this coming July but suddenly the groom was diagnosed that he has a liver cancer last May 2014.Rowden was fighting for his life and his only wish is to marry his one and only true love.

Watch the viral video of heartbreaking wedding.

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