Meet Li Ching Yuen – The Man Who Lived 256 Years And Shared His Longevity Secret

Do you think it’s possible to live for more than two hundred years old? If you said no, well you’ve probably never heard of Li Ching Yuen.
In a 1930 New York Times article, professor Wu Chung-chieh of the Chengdu University discovered some records from the Imperial Chinese government from 1827 which were congratulating Li Ching-Yuen on his 150th birthday. Eventually, the professor also found 1877 records congratulating Li on his 200th birthday.
And he still lived almost 60 years after that. Read more

SHOCKING Caught on Cam Statue Of Jesus Crucified Opening Its Eyes

Kababalaghan o isang mirakulo ang pagdilat ng imahe ni Jesus Christ sa isang simbahan sa Mexico. Kung inyong pagbabasehan ang kuha sa video kitang kita ang padilat ng ating mahal na Jesus Christ pero muli rin naman itong pumikit. Ayon sa pagsusuri ang ilan ay naniniwala na ito daw ay isang Himala samantalang ang ilan ay hindi naniniwala at sinasabing isa lang daw itong digital illussion. Read more

Bayezid Hossain A 4-Year-Old Boy Was Born With The Face Of An Old Man

A 4-year-old boy from Bangladesh named Bayezid Hossain has earned the nickname “real life Benjamin Button,” after the Brad Pitt movie entitled “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
In the said Hollywood film, Pitt played the role of a man who ages backwards as he started life looking like an old dwarf and then returning back into a baby’s countenance before he died. Read more

Gabriela Refiles Philippine Divorce Bill In Congress

Gabriela Women’s Party Representatives Emmi de Jesus and Arlene Brosas have just recently filed House Bill 2380, also known as the Philippines Divorce Bill, in the House of Representatives under the 17th Congress. Read more

Ilocana Student Graduates Summa Cum Laude In A Canadian University

Kimberleene Odono Bolos, 22 years old student from San Fernando City, La Union, has just graduated at the Mcmaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada last June 14, 2016 – and she did so in flying colors.
This Ilocana young woman, who took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing, not only finished her course but was recognized as summa cum laude. She has likewise passed the required board exams, said Cristy Ordono Zacarias, her auntie.
“Actually, nine hours before the graduation ceremonies her mother and us did not know she was summa cum laude,” shared Cristy. Read more

Italian Couple Rushed To Hospital After Accidentally Getting Locked While Doing Intimate In The Beach

This sounds really ridiculous but an Italian couple has made the news recently for unbelievably doing what was supposed to be a private activity while they were in a public place – and in broad daylight, no less.
Yes, the couple engaged in a sexual intercourse and this happened while they were in the waters of Porto san Giorgio, Italy, according to the EliteReads blog. Unfortunately though, the two got stuck while enjoying their wild, intimate moment. So they eventually had to be rushed to the emergency room as the guy had to struggle pulling his private part from his partner’s. Read more

Germany, Japan Needs More Nurses And Caregivers

In a recent announcement from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), we’ve learned that Germany and Japan are currently in need for more nurses and caregivers. Read more

Filipino Guy Gets Arrested For Assaulting His Partner And Filming Their Sexual Activities

A Filipino guy has recently been arrested by the police in Marikina City just last week for physically assaulting his live-in partner and for taking footages of their sexual activities.
In a blog report by Philippines Lifestyle News, we learn that the victim has filed a formal complaint against Mart Angelo Rosales, the suspect, who is a resident of Room B, Carmelita Compounds, Brgy. Parang, Marikina City. The complaint was filed by Carolina Adorna. Read more

Jeepney Driver Goes Viral For Proudly Displaying Photos Of His College Graduate Kids

Some photos shared on social media are just so heartwarming, they instantly become viral.

A jeepney driver from Manila, Philippines recently achieved online fame as his photo circulated heavily on the web. The image shows him driving his vehicle but what captured the attention of netizens is how he proudly displayed the photos of his college graduate kids on his coin holder. Obviously, he puts them there as his inspiration to work harder. Read more

VIRAL: Good MMDA Officers Go The Extra Mile To Rescue A Driver In Trouble

If you can’t imagine “MMDA enforcers” being mention in the same sentence as “angels,” reading the story below will probably change your perspective. Read more

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