Ways on How to Acquire a Drivers License in Abu Dhabi | Step by Step Procedure and Requirements

Procedures and requirements in getting a driver’s license in Abu Dhabi.

Aside from the fact that learning how to drive your own car is a valuable skill around the world, it is also important or one of the prerequisites in some of the most in-demand job positions in foreign countries, especially in the Middle East. Let’s admit it; the United Arab Emirates is still one of the most preferred destinations of Overseas Filipino Workers. With the cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it is so irresistible not to travel and take a road trip. The first thing you need to settle is your driver’s license. Here are the steps you need to follow and the requirements you must secure in applying for a driver’s license in Abu Dhabi. Read more

OWWA Benefits That Disabled OFW’s May Get | Requirements And Procedures

Here is a list of OWWA benefits which are available for OFW members and the requirements for a claim. Read more

Philippine Wage Law on Compensation and Leave Benefits

Answers on frequently asked questions about Philippine law on salary and leave benefits.

Before signing on a job offer, one of the first things that we check is the portion that details the monetary and leaves benefits. It plays a vital role on whether we will be accepting the job or the bargain is fair enough. Since every company has different rules and policies, it is important for us to be fully aware of what the rule of law says about the compensation and leave benefits of employees in the Philippines. Read more

150k Worth of Packages from Filipinos abroad will be exempted from tax starting December 25

Balikbayan boxes from Filipinos overseas will be free from tax starting December 25.

Aside from remittance, Filipinos from overseas are also sharing their blessing to their families here in the Philippines by sending them packages. This Christmas will be happier for them, because by December 25, the tax ceiling for Balikbayan boxes containing personal and household goods will be increased to a total amount of 150,000 pesos. It will be implemented after the Bureau of Customs and Department of Finance agreed and signed Customs Administrative Order (CAO) 05-2016, which is the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Section G of the Customs and Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA). Read more

CHED Announces Free Tuition Fee for State Universities and Colleges in 2017

Free tuition fee will be implemented in all state universities and colleges in 2017 according to CHED. Read more

HR GUIDE: Tips and Secrets On How to Get a Better Job While Employed

The things you need to know in looking for better opportunity and job while you are still employed.

As the Holiday season starts, there are a lot of people who are also considering the possibility of getting a new job. This is the time when people are passively checking some vacancies from other companies because they already received their 13th-month pay and bonuses. No wonder why the attrition rates in most of the companies increase in the last quarter. If not, it’s the first quarter of next year because of the leave conversion. Well, that is a common trend in the human resource world. You must be competitive enough to be able to find the greenest pasture. But, have you ever thought of the techniques in looking for a possible better world without resigning yet? Read more

Hong Kong’s New Order to Protect Filipino Domestic Helpers will commence by January 2017

A new law that will protect foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong will start January 2017

Everyone is well aware about how several unfortunate overseas workers are being abused physically, emotionally and even s*xually. It is quite saddening that in spite of several instances being constantly recorded, there hasn’t been an impacting move from the government to stop violence or at least lower down the number. Furthermore, it is quite surprising that there are still a lot of people who prefer to work abroad, especially from developing countries like the Philippines. Is it still ideal and safe to sacrifice being away from the family just to earn more? Read more

The Importance of 30-Days Resignation Notice Mandatory

The truth about the importance of the 30-day resignation notice.

Along with the Christmas season and year-end parties, it has been a trend for some people to resign from their current position during December, and look for better opportunities the year after. There are a certain number of employees who wait for their bonuses and 13-month pay before submitting their resignation letter. Some actually wait for the conversion of their unused leave credits before leaving the company. Regardless of your plan, you would still normally be asked to render of a specific time before your final end date. Some employers ask for 15 days but mostly it is actually 30 days. The underlying question about it is if the notice period mandatory and in accordance with the law. Read more

Christmas Incentive for Public school Teachers is Doubled This Year

The government doubled the Christmas incentive for public school teachers.

Teaching is a noble profession. But whether it is acceptable or not, the reality remains – it is one of the lowest paying jobs. Even in some developing countries, like the Philippines, the salary of teachers cannot even sustain a decent status of life of a family. Especially in private institutions, teachers are under paid. That is why in the government sector, officials see to it that educators will be properly compensated in all means. Giving out performance-based bonuses is one way of the administration providing and incentivising the teachers for them not to leave their ranks. Read more

How To Apply DSWD Social Pension Program: Open for Senior Citizens without SSS or GSIS pension

Needy senior citizens without or GSIS pension may apply for DSWD Social Pension.

The senior citizens are the most unnoticed sectors in the society. It is just so ironic that in their golden years, which should be treated as their time to enjoy, there are still who endure the pain of being ignored. In fairness to the government, there are plausible projects aiming to aid in the needs of the elderlies who belong to the marginalized sector. Aside from the most prominent discounts and perks on government and private institutions, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DWSD) encourages the indigent elders to apply for their Social Pension Program, as also featured on kickerdaily.com. If you are not receiving a pension from SSS and GSIS and you pass the eligibility requirements, you may receive a cash assistance of 500 pesos monthly or 1, 500 pesos per quarter. Read more

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