Listen | Daniel Padilla Audio CLip Scandal Gets On Top of Trending Topic Online

Philippine Showbiz hot teen idol =&0=&now puts on top of trending topic in PH due to his alleged audio clip scandal where in the said audio, two to three men talking about someone. Daniel speaks about someone who’s wearing leather jacket and said was look alike Billy Joe Armstrong a member of Green Day band.
screenshot of the abs cbn the buzz

The amid boys chitchat whose talking to someone gives netizens an idea that they’re referring to Sam Concepcion. Part also of the audio clip scandal, with Daniel talks about a girl which electrifies him whenever they’re texting to each other. Netizens who already listened on the amid audio clip gives quick conclusion and been pointed out to Jasmine Curtis sister of Anne Curtis. Read more

Is Really Coleen Garcia On The Video Scandal?

Many netizens are searching for =&0=& due to allegedly was the main reason why Billy Crawford making scene at Taguig City last week. According to social comments on the alleged scandal of Coleen, the video was fake and it was not her. The woman on the video was only look alike of Ms. Garcia with a guy doing an intimate scene. All in all it was not =&1=& and that was not the reason why Mr. Crawford been rude at the Fort precinct. I already watched the video and definitely it was not her but at first sight you will think that she is the Showtime host. See the screenshot of the said scandal.  

New Woman On Alleged Paolo Bediones Newest Set Of Private Video Scandal Part 3,4 and 5 Surfaces Online

Here’s the latest talk about scandal of =&0=&which now already surfaces online. An alleged new series part =&1=&  link has become top search online by many netizens. The said video was real and I watched it already, the part 3 video is different scene from the first two, this one are all about oral sx, on the part 4 described as doogie style and the last part which is very shocking because another face are involved on this video, and was described as love on top. Right now the said new woman in the video was not yet identified, This another set of private videos of Mr. Bediones are now trending again in social media and in any different forms of social networking sites. The video link of Paolo’s scandal are now spreading online very fast, let see the reactions of  Mr. Bediones and what he can says about the newest leaked of his private videosSee the said video SS We don’t know if theres more left to come out. 

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