Is Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Banned in Philippine Cinema

MTRCB Chairman Toto Villareal apparently said that the upcoming movie =&0=&is totally banned in Ph. The chairman also added this movie a worldwide bestseller=&1=& has not yet being classify by MTRCB board. The rumors about =&0=&movie banned in PH are starting to spread out online are definitely not true.
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Based on what MTRCB stands they have a new rules to implement regarding in movie trailers which can be classified in  G-General Patronage, or suitable for all ages, PG-for Parental Guidance and X – not suitable for public exhibition. In short the movie a trailers with in G and PG rating are those can be shown in theaters. Watch out for Fifty Shades of Grey Movie the bestseller erotic novel which become phenomenal worldwide and now will be seen in big screen on Valentines Day next year. Read more

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