Hong Kong Insurance Policy for Domestic Helpers

Hiring a foreign domestic helper in Hong Kong is very affordable. Many families were hiring live-in helpers to take care their children and pets as well as do the general household chores. Read more

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About Pag-IBIG Affordable Housing Program

Pag-IBIG is a government agency that aims to help Filipinos own a decent home.  Owning a home is a financial burden particularly for those who don’t have enough budget to build a house. Read more

How to Start and Earn from Rental Property Business

Most financial experts recommend to own assets that earn income. This makes sense investing in real estate such as purchasing properties that can be rented out. This is the easiest way to generate consistent income. Read more

Steps on How to Look for Overseas Jobs at POEA website

How to Know if the Overseas Job Offer is Credible

The internet is the perfect venue to look for jobs abroad. Many Filipinos want to obtain better employment opportunities for their families and personal growth as well. Read more

Start Your Own Business Through the OWWA Business Loan

OFWs planning to start a business and become an entrepreneur should know how the business loan offered by OWWA can help them. Read more

Grounds to File Criminal Complaint for Adultery

No matter how you’re eager to keep your marriage, there are instances that will destroy it.  Time comes when one of the couple wanders and find another one. Infidelity is the most common act committed by either the wife or husband. In most cases, husband is the one who commits such crime, but what if the wife commits the same misdeed? Read more

Important Factors to Consider About Licensing Agreements in the Philippines

If you’re planning to run any kind of business in the Philippines, it should be registered in any government agency where you can secure all the necessary licenses essential for your business to operate legally. Read more

Legal Matter: How to Punish Your Cheating Spouse in the Philippines

Normally, husbands were the one cheating on their wives. The reasons behind, we don’t know.  The truth is that any act of cheating is liable to be punished by law. Read more

Possible Issues That May Arise About Conjugal Property

Filipinos aren’t only romantic but also value family more than anything else. The sanctity of marriage definitely precious to us and it’s the reason why divorce isn’t allowed in the Philippines. Read more

How to Avail Free Medicine Program from the Government

Good news to the less fortunate Filipinos as they can now avail free medicines from the government through the Department of Social Welfare and Development. Read more

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