Filipino Guy Gets Arrested For Assaulting His Partner And Filming Their Sexual Activities

A Filipino guy has recently been arrested by the police in Marikina City just last week for physically assaulting his live-in partner and for taking footages of their sexual activities.
In a blog report by Philippines Lifestyle News, we learn that the victim has filed a formal complaint against Mart Angelo Rosales, the suspect, who is a resident of Room B, Carmelita Compounds, Brgy. Parang, Marikina City. The complaint was filed by Carolina Adorna. Read more

Duterte Promises To Welcome The Poor In Malacañang

In his first few days in office, President Rodrigo Duterte has promised that the Malacañang Palace will be open for the poor. He has also announced hotline 8888, a special number that people can call if they want to get in touch with the government and complain about its services. Read more

Divorce Bill Gains New Ground In The Philippines

Divorce Bill Gains New Ground In The Philippines, In a recent report posted online by the Manila Bulletin, Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. expressed his “full support to the proposal seeking to legalize divorce in the country.” Read more

Over 40 OFW Women Graduates From Micro-Entrepreneurship Training

Thanks to the Women REACH, 43 women overseas Filipino worker (OFW) returness have just finished their micro-entrepreneurship training just this month. Read more

Jeepney Driver Goes Viral For Proudly Displaying Photos Of His College Graduate Kids

Some photos shared on social media are just so heartwarming, they instantly become viral.

A jeepney driver from Manila, Philippines recently achieved online fame as his photo circulated heavily on the web. The image shows him driving his vehicle but what captured the attention of netizens is how he proudly displayed the photos of his college graduate kids on his coin holder. Obviously, he puts them there as his inspiration to work harder. Read more

5 Interesting Tidbits About The Malacañang Palace

As the entire country looks forward to the day when Rodirgo Duterte finally assumes his rightful position as the newly-elected President, all eyes are set on Malacañan Palace. Read more

GOSI Occupational Injury Benefits For Saudi Employees And Expatriates

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, all employees – whether locals or expatriates – are required to register with the General Organization of Social Insurance (GOSI). Employers, on the other hand, will have to pay a percentage of the employee’s salary each month as a GOSI contribution. This is an important obligation that leads to many potential benefits. Read more

Upcoming Taiwan Law Amendment Will Make Things Easier For Foreign Workers

An upcoming amendment in Taiwanese law will make things significantly much easier for foreign workers, including overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). Once the amendment is in place, they will not have to travel outside the country before they can be re-hired. Read more

How To Make Money By Working As A Freelance Private Tutor

If you are passionate about teaching and want to earn some extra income, working as a tutor can be an excellent idea.
There is always a market for private tutors, especially among well-off families who are willing to pay for your services and ensure that their children receive much-needed help in their studies.
There are, of course, some important factors to consider before you begin working as a private tutor. Read more

Filipino Seafarers Urged To Save More Money And Encourage Kin To Be Self-Reliant

A 2015 report by Maritime Manpower Development Authority tells us that in 2014, there about 401,826 Filipino seafarers were deployed. By the end of December 2014, these Pinoy seafarers were able to remit $5.575 billion.
Although they form a significant percentage in the global maritime industry, it is still a fact that some of them remain “vulnerable to poverty after their retirement,” according to GMA Network. Besides, Marine Insight reported that seafarers sometimes find it hard to save money and maintain an emergency fund.
An article posted by Research Gate likewise pointed out that part of the financial struggle is that many of the seafarers are supporting extended families. Read more

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