The Importance of 30-Days Resignation Notice Mandatory

The truth about the importance of the 30-day resignation notice.

Along with the Christmas season and year-end parties, it has been a trend for some people to resign from their current position during December, and look for better opportunities the year after. There are a certain number of employees who wait for their bonuses and 13-month pay before submitting their resignation letter. Some actually wait for the conversion of their unused leave credits before leaving the company. Regardless of your plan, you would still normally be asked to render of a specific time before your final end date. Some employers ask for 15 days but mostly it is actually 30 days. The underlying question about it is if the notice period mandatory and in accordance with the law. Read more

Christmas Incentive for Public school Teachers is Doubled This Year

The government doubled the Christmas incentive for public school teachers.

Teaching is a noble profession. But whether it is acceptable or not, the reality remains – it is one of the lowest paying jobs. Even in some developing countries, like the Philippines, the salary of teachers cannot even sustain a decent status of life of a family. Especially in private institutions, teachers are under paid. That is why in the government sector, officials see to it that educators will be properly compensated in all means. Giving out performance-based bonuses is one way of the administration providing and incentivising the teachers for them not to leave their ranks. Read more

How To Apply DSWD Social Pension Program: Open for Senior Citizens without SSS or GSIS pension

Needy senior citizens without or GSIS pension may apply for DSWD Social Pension.

The senior citizens are the most unnoticed sectors in the society. It is just so ironic that in their golden years, which should be treated as their time to enjoy, there are still who endure the pain of being ignored. In fairness to the government, there are plausible projects aiming to aid in the needs of the elderlies who belong to the marginalized sector. Aside from the most prominent discounts and perks on government and private institutions, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DWSD) encourages the indigent elders to apply for their Social Pension Program, as also featured on If you are not receiving a pension from SSS and GSIS and you pass the eligibility requirements, you may receive a cash assistance of 500 pesos monthly or 1, 500 pesos per quarter. Read more

Easy Steps On How to Get Your Student Drivers License; Requirements and Procedures.

The requirements and process of getting a student driver’s license.

Travelling is one of the most rewarding moments especially among young professionals nowadays. A luxury before has now become a common trend maybe because of the stress level in many industries. Among the most usual means is a road trip. With a reliable car, perfect destination and your family or friends, you can create a wonderful getaway or escape from the hassle of the city. There are also people who want to go solo. And with that, driving skill and of course a driver’s license is a must. Read more

Pres. Duterte Christmas Gift P2 Billion Free Medicine For The Poor

It looks like Christmas will indeed be merry for many Filipinos this year.

According to a report posted by ABS-CBN on their news website, President Rodrigo Duterte has decided to allocate P2 billion to provide free medicine for the poor and the needy this Christmas season. Read more

Most OFWs Are Returning Home Without Savings, Report Says

While it is true that most overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are earning bigger salaries while they are employed abroad, it is likewise a fact that some of them eventually come home to the country and return to their original economic status. Read more

DOLE Targets Russia As A New Destination For OFWs

If things go as planned, Russia may soon become the next ‘hot spot’ for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). Read more

OWWA-Davao Wants To Ban OFWs From Leaving Toddlers

The regional office of the Overseas Workers Welfare Association (Owwa)-Davao is currently proposing a new policy that prohibits parents with young children to work abroad. Read more

Civil Service Examination: Pen and Paper Tests Schedules for 2017 were released

Schedules of Civil Service Examination (Pen and Paper Test) for 2017 were released.

The unemployment rate in the Philippines now is still in millions. Yes, there are a lot of jobs but the problem of mismatch is still rampant. The government is still working its way to solve this problem. Somehow, there are a noticeable number or people who prefer to work in the government in spite of lower compensation and the lesser benefit package. A certain number of people have seen their fulfillment in serving the government, though there are controversies in different agencies. For those who want to work for the government, there are several requisites that you need to pass. One of those and the most important is you pass the Civil Service Examination. Read more

Guide On How To Get Married in the Philippines; Steps and Requirements

Here are the requirements you need to prepare and the process you must follow in getting married in the Philippines. Read more

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