New PhilHealth Contribution Table for 2017

The PhilHealth or Philippine Health Insurance Corporation has been released their latest PhilHealth contribution table for employed and self-employed members, OFWs, and Sponsored Program Members for 2017. The table below shows the salary bracket, salary range, the share of employee and employer. It is important for a member to know what bracket of contributions they’d into. Read more

Guide On How To Open BDO Dollar Account

If you are working as an OFW, having a dollar account can actually be very useful. First off, you need to keep in mind that US dollars and European exchange rates are always on an upward trend in the country. Read more

New SSS Contribution Table For 2017

The New SSS Contribution Table for this year has been out although as we compared to last year table it almost the same. We have to understand this new Social Security System contribution table for employers, employee, self-employed, voluntary members and Overseas Filipino Workers is important, for us to know the bracket contribution we have to be pay every month. Read more

How To Request A Copy of Your Marriage Certificate Online

Companies local and overseas usually require marriage certificates during the hiring process. If you are a married individual, this important legal document proves your civil status. Aside from that, this marriage certificate is also an essential requirement for women who need to update their official records (banks, Pag-IBIG, PhilHealth, SSS) and IDs (driver’s license, passport, postal ID, etc). Read more

How To Request Copy of PhilHealth Member Data Record (MDR) Online

Thanks to modern technology, PhilHealth members now enjoy the convenience of getting a copy of their Member Data Record (MDR) without leaving the comfort of their own homes – that is, if they have access to the internet. Read more

DOLE Announces Job Openings in Germany And Russia | Needs 22,000 Nurses

Here’s a wonderful news for all Filipino nurses looking for new overseas employment opportunities this year. Read more

Are Companies Obliged to Issue Payslips to their Employees?

The law about the issuance of payslips to employees.

Aside from issues about wage and salary, some employees are also concerned about the issuance of payslips as proof that their company is paying them correctly. There are people who are not aware of what the law says and the Supreme Court ruling in some cases. Although there is no specific rule of law that oblige companies to provide their employees with payslip, the Supreme Court ruling in certain court cases states that companies need to provide their employees with this important document. Read more

EMPLOYEE’S GUIDE: Know Your Rights about Holiday Pay

The legal basis about holiday pay.

There are ten regular holidays and several special holidays in the Philippines. There are companies which do not require their employees to report during these days, but there are some, mostly in Business Process Outsourcing and Customer Service industries, which require their employees to work in order for their business to be sustained. In spite of the law that protects the workers in being abused, there are still companies that do not abide. It is better for you to be aware of the rules about the payment of holidays. Read more

Procedures and Requirements On How To Apply Non-Professional Drivers License

Step by step process and requirements in Non-Professional Driver’s License application.

Driving is a very important skill. With the stress and hassle of commuting and riding the public transportation, it becomes an important ability. A lot of people opt to buy their own vehicle and learn how to drive than to venture into the disorganized flow of traffic, especially in the metro. That’s why the demand of driver’s license application has increased over the years. There have actually been issues about the license cards issuance that caused the delays, but recently, LTO said that it will finally be released. Read more

Ways on How to Acquire a Drivers License in Abu Dhabi | Step by Step Procedure and Requirements

Procedures and requirements in getting a driver’s license in Abu Dhabi.

Aside from the fact that learning how to drive your own car is a valuable skill around the world, it is also important or one of the prerequisites in some of the most in-demand job positions in foreign countries, especially in the Middle East. Let’s admit it; the United Arab Emirates is still one of the most preferred destinations of Overseas Filipino Workers. With the cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it is so irresistible not to travel and take a road trip. The first thing you need to settle is your driver’s license. Here are the steps you need to follow and the requirements you must secure in applying for a driver’s license in Abu Dhabi. Read more

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