Payment Options for PSA / NSO Certificate Delivery

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Anyone who is planning to travel outside the Philippines most likely need to secure all the pertinent documents especially the birth and marriage certificates. It takes a lot of time getting copies of those documents from PSA.

The good thing is that you can save lots of time by using the official website of PSA that is the  PSAHelpline. You need not fall in long lines waiting for your number to be called. All you have to do is to log in to the website and order the documents that you need.

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This online facility of NSO isn’t only saves you time, but also provides fast transactions. After you have completed the online application form and made your order, the next thing to do is to know how you would pay for the delivery of the documents.

Options available to make your payment include;

Over-the-counter payments

Bayad Center is one of the options for paying the PSA documents delivery. There are plenty of Bayad Center outlets all throughout the country. It’s very easy and convenient to use this payment option. Simply fill out the transaction form and pay it to the cashier.

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  • 7/11 ECPay

Another option to pay for the delivery of PSA documents is through the 7/11 ECPay. You’ll key in the payment details in an ATM-like Cliqq machine. You will input your contact number, reference number of your order, and the amount you owe to pay. After you get the print out of the payment slip from the machine, proceed to the cashier and for the payment and ask for a receipt.

Bank Payments

Another option of paying the PSA delivery is through bank payments. You can use credit cards for paying online or use ATM card.

Look for banks that are partners of PSAHelpline including Security Bank, Metrobank, BDO, or Unionbank.

Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive a dispatch notification from NSO about the documents you have ordered. The documents will be delivered within two to three working days for locations within Metro Manila. For deliveries outside Metro Manila, you should expect the documents within a week.

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