Important Tips to Avoid Being a Victim of Cyber Crimes

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Now a days people are easily tempted by those sweet words of scammers or illegal recruiters. Yes, scammers and illegal recruiters are everywhere using the latest technology you can be a quick victim. Promising good things that makes you feel comfortable and gives you financial freedom is their expertise. So don’t fall on sweet talks, expensive gadgets and lots of money. Avoid being a victim, so here are the tips and guide that will help you to spot and avoid those scammers online.

1. Avoid the “get-rich-quick” promos online or even if you received a text messages claiming that you have been randomly selected as the winner. These are usually scams or practical jokes even if they claim to have Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) permits.

2. Don’t believe in a internet messages saying that you have been made a beneficiary of the money from rich people coming from other countries like Nigeria and sometimes China. These are schemes called also as transnational crime syndicates.

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3. If someone deliver a parcel or package don’t accept it especially if you don’t where it came from; it may contain illegal materials, contrabands or drugs that probably lead you in a bad situation.

4. Try to reject if someone ask to carry things that you even know what is the inside of it, you might be a victim of illegal courier which may end up you into jail.

5. Double check if you think there is something fishy is going on. Check first with the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) if the recruitment agency is legal. Confirm if there is a job order and take note Legal placement Fees must not exceed a month’s wages as per Philippine law.

6. Avoid being a victim of cyber-sex or human trafficking syndicates. If someone tries to talk or chat you online and you don’t even know the person, don’t even try to communicate with him/her.

7. Be careful on giving up your personal information such ATM account numbers, email or even credit cards numbers online as may someone watching and trying to use your identity or information to illegal transactions.

We hope these important tips will help you, if you want to add something helpful you may also comment down below.

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