Steps on How to Look for Overseas Jobs at POEA website

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How to Know if the Overseas Job Offer is Credible

The internet is the perfect venue to look for jobs abroad. Many Filipinos want to obtain better employment opportunities for their families and personal growth as well.

The job opportunities online are unlimited because many websites were posting overseas job ads. But, searching a credible website isn’t that easy. The opportunities are overwhelming making jobseekers to grab any offer available.

Jobseekers who are desperate enough to work abroad become vulnerable to scams and worse make the wrong choice of job and employer.

If you’re planning to work abroad, make sure to find jobs from the POEA websites.

How to look for overseas jobs at POEA website

The Philippine Overseas Employment Agency aims to help Filipino jobseekers to find jobs from licensed agencies. POEA accepts applicants applying for jobs abroad and they ensure that there are valid job orders and employers looking for workers.

All you have to do is to visit the official website of POEA and follow the steps listed below.

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  1. Log in to and familiarize the home page. Scroll down and find and click the verification of Agency’s Job Orders. This page will help you browse for jobs abroad by country, by agency or by position.Steps on How to Look for Overseas Jobs at POEA website_1Steps on How to Look for Overseas Jobs at POEA website_2
  2. If you want to browse job opportunities by position, you should type the job that you want in the space allowed and click submit. Use appropriate search term to expand your search.Steps on How to Look for Overseas Jobs at POEA website_3
  3. Choose job opportunities at the top of the page and those that aren’t posted six months and above.Steps on How to Look for Overseas Jobs at POEA website_4
  4. Get the names of the agencies or companies for your chosen jobs and check with the Recruitment Agencies option. This will help you know the status of the agencies and the complete information about the company.

It’s important to know the status of the agency and if you’re not satisfied with the agencies you’ve found, you can do farther search.

Before choosing a company, make sure to check its website so that you’ll know if they are legitimate recruiters. Aside from the physical address and contact details it’s also important to know about the nature of their business, professional experience and employment processes.

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Another thing when looking for credible website is the trust seal as it proves the legitimacy of the company. It is a proof that the company was verified by the POEA in terms of business identity and security.

Avoid becoming a victim of bogus overseas job offers by following that information discussed above. Apply only through the POEA website to ensure that you won’t fall into scams.

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